October 11, 2017 | by Rich Pugnier

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Automation System
Agilent Technologies PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Sealer Model 01867-201
Nexus Biosystems XPeel Automated Plate Seal Removal System

Cell Separation
Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS Pro Separator

Beckman Allegra 6R Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge 120 V 60 Hz
Beckman Coulter J2-HS High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Thermo Electron Corporation CryoPlus 4 Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Storage System Model 7406

Dissolution System 
Varian BIO-DIS 25-2500 Dissolution System

Biotage TurboVap 96 Concentration Evaporator Workstation
Biotage TurboVap LV System
Buchi R-114 Rotovapor with B-480 Waterbath
Buchi R-200 Rotavapor with B-490 Heating Bath
Buchi R-200 Rotavapor with B-491 Heating Bath
Caliper Life Sciences TurboVap LV Concentration Workstation
GeneVac EZ-2 Plus Evaporator
GeneVac EZ-2.3 ELITE Personal Evaporator

Gas Chromatography
GE Healthcare BioSciences AKTApurifier UPC 100 System
Thermo Finnigan PolarisQ Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer With Thermo Trace Gas Chromatograph

Parker Balston US 3868-E NitroFlowLab
Peak Scientific Genius 3010 Nitrogen Generator
Peak Scientific Precision Air Compressor P/N 65-0555 (230v)
Peak Scientific Precision Hydrogen 200 – H2 Generator P/N 63-0200 (110v/230v)
Peak Scientific Precision Zero Air 3.5 – Gas Generator P/N 60-3501 (110v)

AirClean Systems 600 PCR Workstation Model AC648TLFUVC
Baker Company Model SG403TX 4′ SterilchemGARD III Advance Class II Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinet with stand
Baker Company 6′ SterilchemGARD III Advance Class II Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinet Model SG603A-TX with stand

Hot Plate Stirrer
Corning PC-351 Hot Plate Stirrer
Corning PC-420D Stirring Hot Plate with Digital Displays
IKA Werke RCT Basic B S1 Hot Plate
Thermolyne HP2305B Micro Hot plate

HPLC – Liquid Chromatography
AB Sciex API 3200 LC/MS/MS
Agilent Technologies 1200 Series FLD G1321A Fluorescence Detector
Agilent Technologies 1200 Series G1316B TCC SL Thermostatted Column Compartment
Biotage Isolera Dalton System
Biotage SP1 Flash Chromatography Purification System
Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100 Evaporative Light Scatter Detector
Waters Alliance 2690 HPLC Separations Module with Column Heater
Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC with 2996 Photodiode Array Detector
Waters Micromass Quattro Micro API with Acquity Binary Solvent Manager and Acquity Sample Manager

Perkin Elmer Optima 4300 V ICP-OES System with AS-93 Autosampler

Incubators – Oven
Buchi B-580 Glass Oven
VWR / Sheldon 1400E Vacuum Oven P/N 9100787

Liquid Handling Systems 
Beckman Coulter Biomek FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation
Tecan Freedom Evo-2 150 Base
Tecan Freedom Evo-2 200 Base
Thermo Electron Multidrop 384 Type 832
Thermo Labsystems Multidrop 384 Type 832

PCR – Thermal Cyclers
Qiagen QIAgility System HEPA/UV

Vacuubrand PC3001 VARIO Pro Pumping System

Sample Preparation
Thermo Scientific Dionex ASE 350 Accelerated Solvent Extractor

Sonicating Waterbaths
Branson 1210 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 2510 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 3510 Ultrasonic Cleaner

HP/Agilent 8453 Diode Array UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Model G1103A with Multi-Cuvette Holder

Consolidated SR-24D Autoclave Sterilizer With Mark II Controller
Consolidated SR-24E-S-V Autoclave Sterilizer with Reimers RH-80 Steam Generator
Steris AMSCO Sterilizer 3023 Pre-Vac

Synthesizers – Sequencers
Qiagen QIAcube Robotic workstation (110 V)

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