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Pharmacia LKB-PhastSystem

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Product Details

The Pharmacia LKB-PhastSystem automatically separates and stains proteins under controlled conditions that allow gels to be prerun, loaded and run. It allows users to program and store nine separation protocols of nine steps each, nine staining protocols of 20 steps each and helps ensure reproducibility by regulating gel temperature through the Peltier-controlled support bed. One or two gels can be arranged vertically or horizontally, the latter for running second dimension in eletrophoretic titration curves.

It's four-position applicator arm loads samples onto gels Thermostatic plate can accurately maintain temperatures from 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F). Can simultaneously process two gels at temperatures from ambient to 50°C (122°F). Microprocessor regulates all parameters during runs (examples: temperature, voltage, current, power, volt-hours, inlet and outlet port, and duration). Audible alarm sounds at the end of separation and at malfunction. Provides a backup lithium battery, protection against short-circuiting, and a lid interlock

Separation and Control Unit:
- Capacity: 1-2 gels
- Keyboard: 31 keys with audible tone
- Display: 40-digit alphanumeric liquid crystal
- LEDs: 4 LEDs for status information
- Programmable parameters: Voltage, current, power, temperature, duration in volt-hours, sample application and an extra alarm for 9 programs of 9 steps
- Voltage range: 10-2000 V
- Current range: 0.1-50.0 mA
- Power range: 0.1-7.0 W
- Volt-hour integrator range: 1-9999 Vh/step
- Separation temperature range: 0-70 C
- Alarm: Audible alarm at end of separation
- Dimensions: 46cm(W)x 30cm(D)x 14cm(H) cm
- Weight: 6.2 kg
- Battery back-up: Lithium battery Short-circuit protection; protected against power
- Safety features: disturbances and static discharges; lid power interlock and alarm

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