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Agilent Technologies GTA 120 Zeeman Graphite Tube Atomizer

Agilent Technologies GTA 120 Zeeman Graphite Tube Atomizer Image

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Agilent Technologies GTA 120 Zeeman Graphite Tube Atomizer ImageAgilent Technologies GTA 120 Zeeman Graphite Tube Atomizer Image

The GTA 120 Zeeman Graphite Tube Atomizer Model uses compressed inert gases and high voltages.  The system generates radiant energy and hazardous wastes including corrosive fluids and flammable liquids.  It provides superior graphite furnace performance, no matter how difficult the sample, making it ideal for applications as diverse as chemical, petrochemical, food and agriculture.  It has extremely fast atomization, the best signal-to-noise, and reduced running costs. Compatible with the Agilent 280 AA, 240 AA, and 140 AA instruments.

Features include:

  • Extremely fast atomization even with difficult sample matrices.
  • Best signal-to-noise its long atomization cell ensures the highest sensitivity and lowest detection limits.
  • Reduced running costs Gas Minimizing Technology (GMT) extends tube lifetimes, reduces gas consumption by 40%, and lowers analysis costs.
  • Programmable Sample Dispenser (PSD) With an ultra-stable mounting and position lock, the PSD120furnace autosampler offers "plug and play" mounting, eliminating re-alignment.
  • Simple method development Use Tube-CAM (optional) to set accurate probe dispensing heights and confirm optimum drying temperatures. The SRM wizard optimizes the ashing and atomization temperatures.
  • Longer unattended runs with capacity for 135 solutions, the carousel minimizes changes for high throughput labs.


  • Voltage 208, 220, or 240 volts AC ± 10%, 230 +14% -6% volts AC,
    230 +6% -14% volts AC.
  • Frequency 50-60 Hz ±1 Hz
  • Normal standby consumption approx 130 VA
  • Rated firing consumption approx 3500 VA
  • Weight Net 52 kg (113 lb) Shipping 87 kg (192 lb)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) Control unit 240 x 570 x 580 mm (10 x 22 x 23 in)
    Zeeman 220 x 290 x 340 mm (9 x 11 x 13 in)
    Packed 950 x 760 x 900 mm (37 x 30 x 35 in)

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