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CRS Robotics A465 Robot Arm with C500C Controller

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The CRS Robotics A465 Robot Arm is a robot arm designed for use with the CRS Robotics C500C controller. End-effectors such as servo grippers and other tools can be mounted in a flange on the end of the arm.  

The arm’s articulated joints permit movement through six degrees of freedom in both Cartesian and precision frames of reference, providing a full range of motion within a predefined coordinate system. Arm motion is controlled directly from a teach pendant or terminal. For more complex applications, programs written in the RAPL-3 programming language can be used to automate robot tasks.

The CRS Robotics C500C Controller for A465 Robot is the second-generation design of the C500 family. It combines an embedded computer system with a high voltage power supply for the arm and safety circuits to allow the user to develop robot applications efficiently and safely.  

The controller also features RAPL-3, the third generation RAPL language for robot programming. The RAPL-3 robot programming language uses English-like command structures similar to BASIC and also has powerful commands similar to those found in C and Pascal.

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