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Gilson 232XL Sampling Injector

Gilson 232XL Sampling Injector Image

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Gilson 232XL Sampling Injector ImageGilson 232XL Sampling Injector ImageGilson 232XL Sampling Injector Image


The Gilson 232XL Sampling Injector Precise 402 Syringe Pump assures accuracy of injection volumes (1 mL to 99 mL), allows selection of flow rates to compensate for different sample viscosities, task-oriented software for fast and easy building of injection protocols, can be configured for use in a sample prep GPC or GPC/SPE system.

- Vial capacity: from a rack of 120 microvials of 0.3 mL (rack code 8) up to 4 bottles of 250 mL (rack code 60 and 61).
- Replicates per vial: Up to 100
- Injection volume: From 2 to 5000 uL with the Rheodyne 7010 valve, and from 0.5 to 2 uL with Rheodyne 7413 valve.
- Injection flush volume: 20 uL for reproducibility better than 0.8% RSD with partial loop filling.
- Liquid flow rate: From 0.01 mL/min. for 0.1 mL syringe to 120 mL/min. for 25 mL syringe.