PALO ALTO, CA | December 2, 2016

American Laboratory Trading (ALT) Recognizes Elizabeth Schar and Ravenswood Science Initiative at California Life Sciences Association Pantheon DiNA Awards

ALT donates $25,000 in laboratory equipment to help ensure middle school children are prepared for high school science and graduation

American Laboratory Trading Inc. (ALT), the largest provider of premium refurbished lab equipment in North America, congratulates Elizabeth Schar, winner of this year’s Pantheon DiNA Biotechnology Educator Award. In recognition of her effort and the work of the initiative, ALT will provide $25,000 in laboratory equipment to the Ravenswood Education Foundation.

“We appreciate American Laboratory Trading’s generous donation,” said Renu Nanda, executive director of the Ravenswood Education Foundation. “The equipment will help ensure that our children are well prepared for science in high school and beyond.”

Since 2008, Schar has helped teachers in the under-resourced Ravenswood City School District prepare students for high school science by setting up science laboratory programs at several schools. The Foundation has created or upgraded labs at the district’s middle schools and recruits science and engineering professionals, college instructors and grad students, and qualified volunteers to coach students through lab experiences.

“This donation continues our organization’s commitment to reducing the barriers to entry for young entrepreneurs in the life sciences,” said Jayson Bernstein, president of ALT. “The Ravenswood Education Foundation – and Elizabeth Schar – shares that mission and we’re pleased to be able to support this important effort.”

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