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About ALT

Founded in 1999 and acquired by Heritage Global Partners in 2021, American Laboratory Trading (ALT) is a full-service, customer-focused company that specializes in recovery, refurbish and resale services of secondary lab equipment within the life sciences industry. The acquisition of ALT by HGP gives ALT a broader scope of surplus equipment services and high-quality, low-cost instruments to our clients. Our asset recovery strategies go beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Whether you’re looking to monetize one instrument, liquidate an entire lab or require ongoing asset recovery services, we can help. Our surplus services enable organizations to run their labs more efficiently, mitigate risk through legal and environmental compliance, improve financial positioning and reporting, eliminate warehouse and overflow space and inject working capital back into your lab.

How you dispose of your equipment matters. We acquire a full range of life science equipment, refurbish each instrument to OEM specifications and resell them to thousands of organizations around the world. Your surplus strategy can help provide universities startups access to brand name, quality equipment at a 50-80% lower cost than new instruments, helping reduce the barrier of entry for the next generation of great scientists.

Asset Recovery

We support the entire lab equipment life cycle for you, from installation to inventory management, decommissioning, redeployment, recovery, and disposition, all while reducing your total cost of ownership. We handle equipment from all manufacturers and offer a suite of services including:

  • Asset valuation and recovery through outright purchase, consignment, or auction.
  • Asset redeployment
  • Turnkey project management including: deinstallation, EHS and decontamination, decommissioning, chemical and waste management, packing and shipping
  • Ongoing surplus program management

In 2020, ALT helped more than 300 companies monetize their surplus assets. With warehouses in the Northeast and Northern California and customer service centers in Connecticut and San Diego, ALT is well positioned to work closely in the key biotech hubs throughout the country.

Refurbish And Resale

Nobody delivers more secondary lab equipment than ALT. We have positioned ourselves as a global leader in this market by offering our customers a lower point of entry to high-quality, brand name instrumentation. We stock more than 6,000 instruments, ranging from benchtop accessories to robust triple quad mass spectrometers and carry all major OEM brands such as Agilent, Beckman Coulter, Buchi, IKA, Labconco, Thermo, VWR and more.

Our dedicated in-house systems engineer team refurbishes, tests and services each instrument to ensure it meets OEM operating specifications. All of our equipment comes with up to a one-year warranty and LIFETIME support – one of the best guarantees in the business.

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Our partnership with Agilent enables you to access manufacturer-refurbished analytical instruments of the highest possible quality. This delivers a new option to members of the scientific community that are underserved due to budget constraints. All Agilent certified pre-owned equipment is refurbished by Agilent engineers using original parts. Service and manufacturing updates are applied, and hardware, firmware updates are made for the latest Agilent software

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ALT is the preferred supplier of surplus strategy services and secondary laboratory equipment for BIO and State Association members. Endorsed by 40 states in the Business Solutions program, as a member you can expect to save 39% on average through our cost-savings program. You’ll also gain access to other leading cost-savings programs offered by suppliers such as: Airgas, Nikon, UPS, VWR and more.

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