About American Laboratory Trading

Founded in 1999, American Laboratory Trading provides surplus strategy services and premium used lab equipment to customers in the life sciences, from academia to industry.

As the largest supplier of premium used lab equipment in North America, we stock more than 12,000 instruments, ranging from benchtop accessories to robust triple quad mass spectrometers.

We carefully test and service each instrument to ensure it meets manufacturer specifications. This enables us to offer with confidence up to a one-year warranty on every item we sell, one of the best guarantees in the business.

Our customers also trust us with their asset management needs—we help companies and research institutions to safely dispose of and recycle their surplus laboratory equipment while maximizing their return on investment.

With sales, service, and warehouse facilities in Connecticut and Southern California, we offer equipment and services from coast to coast and around the world, serving customers in more than 60 countries.

From our high quality equipment to our unparalleled service, find out what sets ALT apart from the rest. Learn more about the ALT Difference.