Aug 09, 2018

ALT to Host Panel at Lab Asset & Facility Management Summit

What’s your Surplus Strategy?

American Laboratory Trading is proud to be a part of the Lab Asset & Facility Management in Pharma Summit, happening October 30th – 31st in Boston, MA!  Jayson Bernstein, President of ALT will be leading a discussion on the financial, operational, and facility implications of your surplus inventory.

From asset valuation to depreciation, from strain on facility resources to costs and compliance risks, surplus management is a new key focus area among pharma/biotech's procurement and lab operations directors.

Panel Synopsis

A defined surplus strategy supports your business goals and the life science industry as a whole. Without a strategy you add additional burdens to your teams, miss out on recovering revenue and maximizing equipment ROI, plus increase risk with legal and environmental compliance. Implications to the areas of your business include:

 Financial: Time to investment recovery, asset valuation and depreciation vs market value.

 Operations: Auction vs buyout, compliance and risk mitigation

 The Lab: Efficient use of limited space, reinvest in other projects

 The Industry: Re-introducing quality working equipment back into the industry, supporting early-stage start-ups and academia, unsupported equipment impacts progress and results

This panel discussion is hosted and led by Jason Bernstein, President, American Laboratory Trading, Inc., and together with other experts they will exchange ideas and share advice with the participants on the above topics.

Audience will also have the opportunity to fire questions to the panellists at the end of this session.

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