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AB Sciex API 3200 LC/MS/MS

AB Sciex API 3200 LC/MS/MS Image

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AB Sciex API 3200 LC/MS/MS ImageAB Sciex API 3200 LC/MS/MS ImageAB Sciex API 3200 LC/MS/MS ImageAB Sciex API 3200 LC/MS/MS Image

The AB Sciex API 3200 LC-MS/MS System is a true hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap mass spectrometer. Turbo V Ion Source ionizes compounds over a wide range of flow rates and Patented LINAC collision cell technology delivers superior MS performance.

Power2 separate 207–242V, 50/60Hz, Ph 1, 15 A
Gas supplies60 psi UHP nitrogen, 100 psi zero air, 60 psi filtered, dry air
Detector typepulse-counting detector
Scan typeQ1 MS, Q3 MS, Product Ion, Precursor Ion, Neutral Loss or Gain, MRM
Ambient temperature15–30°C (59 –86 °F)
Relative Humidity35% to 50%, non-condensing
Dynamic range1 cps to 4 x 106 cps (pulse counting)
Scan SpeedUp to 2400 amu/sec.
Mass Rangem/z 5-1,800
Weight250 lbs. (113 kg)
Dimensions42" W x 20" D x 27" H in. (105 x  x 50 x 68 cm)

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