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ADInstruments Oximeter Pod (Animal Clip)

ADInstruments Oximeter Pod (Animal Clip) Image

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ADInstruments Oximeter Pod (Animal Clip) ImageADInstruments Oximeter Pod (Animal Clip) Image

The ADInstruments Oximeter Pod (Animal Clip) is suitable for measuring pulse oximetry from an animal paw or tongue. Oximeter Pods are used for the non-invasive measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).  This ML 325 Oximeter Pod determines blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) using red and infrared light passed through pulsating blood in vascular tissue.

Saturation range: 70-100%
SpO2 acquisition time: ~5 sec.
Heart rate range: 18–450 BPM
Measurement wavelength: Red (660 nm) Infrared (910 nm)
Measurement rate: 1 reading per second (SpO2 mode), 75 samples per second (pulse mode)



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