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Agilent 1100 Series G1311A QuatPump

Agilent 1100 Series G1311A QuatPump Image

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Agilent 1100 Series G1311A QuatPump ImageAgilent 1100 Series G1311A QuatPump ImageAgilent 1100 Series G1311A QuatPump ImageAgilent 1100 Series G1311A QuatPump ImageAgilent 1100 Series G1311A QuatPump Image

The Agilent Technologies 1100 Series G1311A Quaternary Pump comes with dual floating pistons and a stable, pulse-free solvent flow capabilities. This module is maintenance free due to elimination of vapor formation by solvents, thanks to an inlet valve that is electronically activated and synchronized to piston stroke. This pump features ease-of-use hand-held control module that lets you enter operating parameters fast, store methods easily and display pressure profile, diagnostics and task-oriented information. It is made of stainless steel, titanium, gold, ruby, sapphire, ceramics, PEEK and PTFE to ensure long lifetime. In addition, the seal wash option for high salt mobile phases keeps maintenance to a minimum for lower operation costs. It is ideal for GLP work due to the built-in leak and pressure test with graphical presentation of pressure profiles, and early maintenance feedback.


- Settable Flow Range: 0.001 – 10ml/min – in 0.001ml/min increments
- Flow Range: 0.2 – 10.0 ml/min
- Recommended pH Range: 1.0 – 12.5, solvents with pH > 2.3 should not contain acids which attack stainless steel
- Gradient Formation: Low pressure quaternary mixing/gradient capability using proprietary high-speed proportioning valve. Delay volume 800-1100µl, depending on back pressure
- Weight: 27 lbs.
- Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 14 in.

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