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Agilent 1260 FC-PS Preparative Scale Fraction Collector, Model G1364E

Agilent 1260 FC-PS Preparative Scale Fraction Collector, Model G1364E Image

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Agilent 1260 FC-PS Preparative Scale Fraction Collector, Model G1364E ImageAgilent 1260 FC-PS Preparative Scale Fraction Collector, Model G1364E ImageAgilent 1260 FC-PS Preparative Scale Fraction Collector, Model G1364E ImageAgilent 1260 FC-PS Preparative Scale Fraction Collector, Model G1364E Image

The Agilent 1260 FC-PS Preparative Scale Fraction Collector, Model G1364E is optimized for laboratories performing semipreparative-scale purification of milligram to low gram quantities with typical flow rates from 5 to 100 mL/min. This fraction collector fits in the modular design of the InfinityLab LC Series, occupying minimal bench space. Lowest delay volumes minimize peak dispersion and carryover for highest purity and recovery. A wide variety of collection tubes as well as microtiter plates are available. For high-throughput applications, you can combine up to three fraction collectors in a single LC system. Maximize your capacity up to 648 fractions within the same foot print. Upgrade pass exists to increase your capacity based on your demand. In addition a fourth fraction collector can be configured for recovery collection.


  • Purification efficiency: Lowest delay volumes for minimum peak dispersion and carryover. Automated delay calibration facilitates highest fraction purity while maintaining high-precision sample recovery
  • Instrument efficiency: Per module collection of up to 216 fractions in glass tubes with 4 outer diameters of tubes available, or in microtiter plates. Multiple collection modes with fraction triggering based on time, peak, or mass for exact collection of required fractions
  • Laboratory efficiency: Expandable capacity up to 864 fractions within the same footprint. Smooth upgrade paths allow you to increase capacity based on demand. Forced fume extraction enables use of fraction collector outside a fume cupboard

Weight29.8 lbs. (13.5 kg) w/o sample thermostat
Dimensions13.5" W x 17" D x 8" H inches (34.5 × 44 x 20 cm)
Line voltage100 – 240 V~, ± 10 % Wide-ranging capability
Line frequency50 or 60 Hz, ± 5 %
Power consumption200 VA / 180 W
Ambient operating temperature4 – 40 °C
Ambient non-operating temperature-40 – 70 °C
Humidity< 95 %, at 25 – 40 °C (77 – 104 °F) Non-condensing
Operating altitudeUp to 3000 m (9842 ft)
Non-operating altitudeUp to 4600 m (15092 ft) For storing the module
Safety standardsIEC, EN,
CSA, UL. Installation category II, Pollution degree 2 For indoor use only.
ISM ClassificationISM Group 1 Class B According to CISPR 11
Permitted solventsAuto-ignition temperature ≥200 °C Boiling point ≥56 °C Ignition Class IIA, IIB (IEC60079-20-1)
Delay Volume (in µL)Fraction collector inlet to diverter valve: ~500 (typical, depends on length of the tubing)
Diverter valve: ~15
Diverter valve to needle: ~110
Needle: ~5
Minimum system flowDepending on the recommended flowrates of the
installed tubing kit
Maximum system flow100 mL/min
Maximum collection volume45 mL with 30 x 100 mm (OD x L) tube
Maximum capacity3 fraction collectors in parallel plus one recovery
fraction collector
LC & CE drivers A.02.19 (or above) is
required for clustering
Trigger modesTime slices
Peak (threshold, up- / downslope
Timetable (combination of time intervals and peak)
Manual trigger (supported only with Agilent Instant
Pilot G4208A)
Trigger SourcesG7115A, 1260 Infinity II DAD
G7165A, 1260 Infinity II MWD
G7114A, 1260 Infinity II VWD
G6125BA, Single Quadrupole LC/MSD
G6135BA, Single Quadrupole LC/MSD XT
G7121A, 1260 Infinity II FLD
G4260B, 1260 Infinity II ELSD
G7162A, 1260 Infinity II RID
Other detectors can be used but are not supported
for fraction collection.
Operating ModesDiscrete fractions: default mode for all vessels.
The flow is diverted to waste, while moving from
one vessel position to the next vessel position
Continuous flow: optional, available only when using
well plates.
It is possible to move from one well plate position
to the next one without diverting the flow into the
well plate to waste
Diverter valve3/2 valve, with switching time <100 ms
Maximum pressure 6 bar at the diverter valve during switching
Plates/Trays 4 x well-plates full tray (MTP) * (for use with deep
well plates only)
2 × well-plates std. tray (MTP) (for use with deep
well plates, only) + 10 × 2 mL vials* (+ 1 half tray)
100 x 2 mL in std. tray (+ 1 half tray)*
3 x 40 x 2 mL in half tray*
3 x 15 x 6 mL in half tray*
Full tray with 40 test tubes (30 mm OD, max. height
100 mm, 45 mL / tube)
Full tray with 60 test tubes (25 mm OD, max. height
100 mm, 25 mL / tube)
Full tray with 126 test tubes (16 mm OD, max.
height 100 mm, 12 mL / tube)
Full tray with 215 test tubes (12 mm OD, max.
height 100 mm, 7 mL / tube)
Installed trays are automatically detected and identified.
Only one type of well-plates can be used at a time in
one tray.
Only the 96 deep well-plates can be used (without
closing mats)
Fraction Containers30 x 100 mm (OD x L) tubes, 45 mL / tube
25 x 100 mm (OD x L) tubes, 25 mL / tube
16 x 100 mm (OD x L) tubes, 12 mL / tube
12 x 100 mm (OD x L) tubes, 7 mL / tube
Vials can be used as recommended by Agilent
For use with uncapped vials, tests tubes and well
plates only!
Minimum tube height48 mm
Maximum tube height100 mm
Instrument Control Framework (ICF)A.02.04 or
Instant Pilot (G4208A) with firmware B.02.22 or
Lab Advisor B.02.10 or above
CommunicationsController-area network (CAN),
Local Area Network (LAN)
ERI: ready, start, stop and shut-down signals
Maintenance and safety-related
Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display
with Agilent Lab Advisor software
Leak detection, safe leak handling, leak output signal for shutdown of pumping system, and low voltages in major maintenance areas
GLP featuresEarly maintenance feedback (EMF) for continuous
tracking of instrument usage with user-settable
limits and feedback messages.
Electronic records of maintenance and errors
HousingAll materials recyclable.


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