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Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio Multisampler (G5668A)

Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio Multisampler (G5668A) Image

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Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio Multisampler (G5668A) ImageAgilent 1260 Infinity II Bio Multisampler (G5668A) ImageAgilent 1260 Infinity II Bio Multisampler (G5668A) ImageAgilent 1260 Infinity II Bio Multisampler (G5668A) Image

The Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio Multisampler (G5668A) injects samples from microplate and vial at pressures up to 600 bar. It is a compact module offering a capacity of up to 6,144 samples. With its multiwash capability, the user can reduce carryover to less than 9 ppm.

The metal-free sample flow path makes it the ideal injector for all biorelated applications, including analysis of mAbs, proteins in general, and oligonucleotides. The ceramic needle, PEEK needle seat, and stainless steel-clad PEEK capillaries ensure highest injection accuracy and precision.


  • Metal-free sample flow path at 600 bar ensures that none of your precious sample touches metal surface, offering a reliable analysis of biological samples
  • Multiwash capability flushes the surfaces of the injection needle with three solvents and uses seat backflush procedures to reduce carryover to less than 9 ppm
  • Integrated sample thermostat, available as option or upgrade, provides cooling and heating from 4 to 40 °C
  • Shallow microplate drawers take a maximum load of 16 microtiter plates and up to 6,144 samples for unmatched sample capacity
    Robotics move microtiter plates and other sample containers from sample hotel to central workspace for seamless automation during sample processing steps and injections


Injection range: Default: 0.1 – 100 µL in 0.1 µL increments; Default: 0.1 – 250 µL or 1000 µL
Precision: <0.15 % RSD or SD <10 nL, whatever is greater
Pressure range: Up to 600 bar Sample viscosity range 0.2 – 5 cp
Sample capacity: 1H Drawer up to 8 drawers and 16 positions; Shallow well plates (MTP); 2H Drawer up to 4 drawers and 8 positions MTP, deep well plates, vials, Eppendorf; 3H Drawer up to 2 drawers and 4 positions MTP, deep well plates, vials up to 6 mL, Eppendorf
Injection cycle time: <10 s using following standard conditions: Default draw speed: 100 µL/min Default eject speed: 400 µL/min Injection volume: 1 µL
Carry Over: <0.003 % (30 ppm) Multisampler Standard <0.0009 % (9 ppm) Multisampler Multiwash Multiwash: Outer needle wash and seat backflush for carryover reduction with up to 3 different solvents
Materials in flow path: Titanium, gold, PTFE, PEEK, ceramic PEEK, ceramic
Instrument Control Lab Advisor B.02.08 or above LC and CE Drivers A.02.14 or above
Local Control: Agilent Instant Pilot (G4208A) Communications Controller-area network (CAN), Local Area Network (LAN), USB ERI: ready, start, stop and shut-down signals
Dimensions: 15.6" W x 12.6" D x 18.4" H (40 x 46.8 x 32 cm)
Power: 100-240V, 60 Hz
Weight: 48.5 lbs. (22 kg)


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