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Agilent 1290 Infinity G4220A Bin Pump

Agilent 1290 Infinity G4220A Bin Pump Image

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Agilent 1290 Infinity G4220A Bin Pump ImageAgilent 1290 Infinity G4220A Bin Pump ImageAgilent 1290 Infinity G4220A Bin Pump Image

The Agilent Technologies 1290 Infinity G2440A Binary Pump comprises two identical pumps integrated into one housing. Binary gradients are created by high-pressure mixing. A degassing unit is included for applications that require best flow stability, especially at low flow rates, for maximum detector sensitivity. The flow path of the pump has been optimized for minimal delay of gradients. Typical applications are high throughput methods with fast gradients on high resolution 2.1 mm columns. The pump is capable of delivering flow in the range of 0.05-5 mL/min against up to 1200 bar. A solvent selection valve allows forming binary mixtures (isocratic or gradient) from one of two solvents per channel. Active seal wash is available for use with concentrated buffer solutions.

Hydraulic systemTwo dual pistons in series pumps with proprietary servo-controlled variable stroke design, power transmission by ball screws, smooth motion control of pistons for active damping.
Settable Flow Range Setpoints0.001—5 ml/min, in 0.001 ml/min increments. Executed in 300 pl/step increments.
Flow Precision≤0.07 % RSD or 0.005 min SD, whatever is greater (0.2—5.0 ml/min). Based on retention time at constant room temperature.
Flow accuracy±1 % or 10 µl/min, whatever is greater. Pumping degassed H2O at 10 MPa (100 bar)
Pressure operating rangeOperating range up to 120 MPa (1200 bar), up to 2 ml/min, 80 MPa(800 bar) at 5 ml/min.
Pressure pulsation<1 % amplitude or < 0.5 MPa (5 bar), whatever is greater. At 1 ml/min water
CompressibilityCompensation automatic, pre-defined, based on mobile phase selection.
Gradient formationHigh pressure binary mixing.
Delay volumeJet Weaver V35: <45 µl Jet Weaver V100: <75 µl JetWeaver generally recommended. For applications requiring lowest delay volumes, JetWeaver can be removed out of the flow path. Delay volume is then solely determined by the volume of the connection capillary.
Composition rangeSettable range: 0 – 100 % Recommended range: 1 – 99 % or 5 µl/min per channel

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