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Agilent 1290 Infinity II HPLC System (Flexible Pump, Multisampler, Multicolumn Thermo, DAD)

Agilent 1290 Infinity II HPLC System (Flexible Pump, Multisampler, Multicolumn Thermo, DAD) Image

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Agilent 1290 Infinity II HPLC Certified Pre-Owned Systems offer guaranteed performance – at the same standards as a new Agilent system.

Advantages of Certified Pre-Owned Systems:

  • Refurbished at the Agilent Factory & Shipped Direct
  • Certified & Rigorously Tested by Agilent Engineers
  • One-Year Warranty Provided by Agilent
  • Installation & Introduction by Agilent Engineers
  • Updated with the Latest Software & Licensed for your Lab

The Agilent Technologies Certified Pre-owned 1290 Infinity II HPLC System provides methods transfer to or from any UHPLC or HPLC system and is easily maintained. It delivers resolution per time, sensitivity, accuracy and precision in LC/UV and LC/MS applications by utilizing innovative components.

This system enables maximized productivity for laboratories with high sample loads. The Agilent 1290 HPLC has a high throughput configuration, cycle times can be reduced by up to 50 percent.

This Agilent 1290 Infinity II HPLC System includes a Flexible Pump, Multisampler, Multicolumn Thermostat and Diode Array Detector. Includes software, installation, training. Agilent cat. no.: G1191BR.

System includes the following:

  • G7104A Flexible Pump
  • G7167B Multisampler
  • G7116B Multicolumn Thermostat
  • G7117B Diode Array Detector
  • Solvent Tray
  • Accessory Kit
  • Lab Advisor Basic Software
  • OpenLAB CDS Chemstation Edition Workstation Includes Software and core license
  • OpenLAB CDS Instrument Driver for Agilent LC
  • Installation and Introduction by Agilent
  • One Year On-Site Warranty provided by Agilent Technologies

The Agilent Technologies 1290 Infinity II LC System is an ultra-high performance liquid chromatography instrument (UHPLC) that has market-leading sample capacity and is designed for the lowest dispersion for the most challenging UHPLC experiments. Comparing UHPLC vs HPLC? This ultra HPLC system is designed to be both a HPLC and high-end UHPLC system in a single flow path, giving you robust and excellent performance no matter what application you are running while seamlessly integrating into your existing laboratory environment.

The 1290 System embodies the next generation of ultra HPLC, with the exceptional reliability and robustness you expect from Agilent, plus breakthrough UHPLC technologies, to achieve unmatched separation and detection performance.


  • More chromatographic resolution from specially designed components in the sample flow path to achieve the lowest system dispersion
  • Higher peak capacity for challenging separations - switch easily between single dimension high-end UHPLC and the ultimate chromatographic power of 2D-LC
  • Lower carryover for uncompromised data quality - multiwash capabilities of the Agilent 1290 Infinity II Multisampler reduce carryover to less than 10 ppm even for challenging compounds such as chlorohexidine
  • Unique detection capabilities - combine lowest detection limits with an ultrawide dynamic range by using the new Agilent 1290 Infinity II HDR-DAD or 1290 Infinity II ELSD
  • Faster injection cycles with dual-needle injection - for higher sample throughput
  • Higher sample capacity per bench space - up to 6144 samples within the footprint of a standard Agilent stack
  • Flexibility for all applications - through wide power, temperature, an automatically scalable injection range, and gradient options
  • Seamless transfer of methods between LCs, regardless of the brand - facilitated by intelligent system emulation technology (ISET) delivering unchanged retention time and peak resolution
  • Seamless integration in your chromatography data system - Agilent InfinityLab LC instrumentation runs smoother when controlled through third-party chromatography data systems such as Waters Empower or Thermo Scientific's Chromeleon using the Agilent instrument control framework (ICF)
  • Lower total cost of ownership - select from a variety of tools to achieve lowest cost-per-sample
Column Capacity8
Column ID Reader OptionOptional
Dimensions17.13" W x 18.43" D (43.5 x 46.8 cm)
Flow RangeUp to 5 mL/min with G7120A and G7104A
Injection Range0.1-100 µL
0.1 to 1500 µL with Multi Draw Kit
Intelligent System Emulation TechnologyOptional
Line Voltage100-240 VAC
Maximum Number of Solvents4
Up to 26 with additional Solvent Selection Valves
Maximum Number of Temperature Zones2 with G7116B1 with Vial Sampler with Integrated Column Compartment
Special FeaturesBlend Assist with G7104A
System Pressure Operating RangeUp to 1300 bar
Pump TypeFlexible Pump


1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump

The 1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump is a quaternary pump that provides UHPLC gradient formation and solvent blending from up to four solvents. This pump enables quaternary solvent delivery at pressures up to 1300 bar and flow rates up to 5 mL/min.

The 1290 Infinity II Flexible Pump combines highest performance, methods compatibility, and simplified operation with highest flexibility in automated gradient formation and solvent blending. ISET allows you to seamlessly transfer existing methods from different instruments , including current Agilent systems as well as instruments from other manufacturers.


  • Power range combines ultrahigh pressures up to 1300 bar and high analytical flow rates up to 5 mL/min for maximum chromatographic performance
  • Active damping with independently controllable high-resolution pump drives and firmware-embedded tuning algorithms , as well as switchable V380 Jet Weaver for extra mixing volume, significantly reduce ripple, and associated UV noise
  • Integrated high-efficiency degasser with low internal volume is based on PTFE AF technology and offers fast change-over of solvents for purging and priming the pump
  • Proven Inlet Weaver technology offers highest solvent mixing efficiency before reaching the pump head
  • Multipurpose valve enables automated software-embedded functionality such as switching the optional mixer in and out, flushing back the inline filter or automated purging for reduced manual interaction
  • Intelligent System Emulation Technology (ISET) enables emulation of existing Agilent 1100, 1200, and 1260 Infinity Series instruments, as well as Waters Alliance, Waters H-Class, and Shimadzu Prominence instruments facilitating seamless method transfer
  • BlendAssist, a software feature in the pump driver, enables convenient, precise, and accurate buffer or additive blending

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