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Agilent 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station

Agilent 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station Image

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Agilent 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station ImageAgilent 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station ImageAgilent 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station ImageAgilent 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station Image

The Agilent 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station provides automated sampling for its industry-leading dissolution apparatus. Designed to be configured with either the 810 Peristaltic Pump or the 806 Syringe Pump and 808 Filter Changer, the integrated system efficiently provides accurate and precise sampling at each timepoint.


Key Benefits:

Efficient. Automated features make sampling simple and quick. The system allows unattended dissolution testing and minimizes the inaccuracies in sampling position and volumes associated with manual sampling.

Flexible. Choose the configuration that works best for you. Add the 810 Peristaltic Pump or the 806 Syringe Pump and 808 Filter Changer for cleaner samples from both Agilent and non-Agilent apparatus.

Accurate. When paired with the Agilent 8000, the 810 Peristaltic and 806 Syringe Pumps ensure highly accurate and reproducible volumetric sampling at the correct timepoints without sample mix-ups common with manual sampling.

Time-saving integration. Eliminate the need to independently program your dissolution apparatus. Use the 8000 keypad to program the method parameters for both the 8000 and your dissolution apparatus.

Complete documentation. The built-in printer provides easy-to-read hard-copy printouts of comprehensive test data, even while the instrument is unattended.

The 8000 Dissolution Sampling Station eliminates the tedious task of manual sampling. Designed specifically for dissolution testing, it accommodates up to 10 timepoints at volumes ranging from 1-14 mL in a variety of sampling tubes and vials.



Automated Calibration
When using the 810 Peristaltic Pump, sample volume calibration may be performed with the touch of a button. Volume is accurately calibrated for each individual sampling line through the use of the patented autocalibration block, which controls the opening and closing of individual valves during the calibration and sampling process.

The 8000 may be programmed from its keypad to operate any of Agilent's dissolution apparatus, as well as several non-Agilent dissolution apparatus. You can choose to confi gure the 8000 with either the 810 Peristaltic or 806 Syringe Pump. The syringe pump allows for greater accuracy if required for small-volume dissolution sampling or when more pressure is required for membrane filtration typically needed with HPLC analysis. The 808 Filter Changer, when coupled with the syringe pump, can handle automation capable filters down to 0.45 µm.

Sampling Options
The 8000 can collect samples in test tubes or HPLC vials in a variety of sizes with accommodating sampling trays. Up to 10 timepoints may be collected on a single sampling tray, and up to 20 timepoints may be collected through the use of a second replacement tray. The 8000's unique vented needle allows for sampling into capped HPLC vials, which eliminates over-pressurizing and controls evaporative loss. Agilent dissolution apparatus may be equipped with motorized manifolds for lowering cannulas into the dissolution media at the time a sample is taken to minimizes hydrodynamic disturbance associated with resident sampling probes.

Automated Media Replacement
The 8000 can be equipped with an optional media replacement module, which is capable of replacing sample volumes removed during the run to maintain constant dissolution volume for testing. An unused vessel from the seventh or eighth positions can store the media so the media is replaced at the required temperature.

The 8000's built-in printer allows you to print verification of system calibration, as well as comprehensive test data including full batch information from the apparatus. This provides a comprehensive report of all test parameters including: operating temperature, water bath temperature, elapsed time, test length, RPM, sample timepoints, and depending on the model and configuration of the apparatus, vessel temperature and dosage delivery time.

Regulatory Compliance
Agilent's UV Dissolution Software and/or Dissolution Workstation Software enable compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines for any automated configuration that uses the 8000 for autosampling.


Altitude0 - 2000 m (0 - 6562 ft.)
Temperature5 to 40 °C
Humidity (non-condensing)Not more than 80% RH
Voltage Requirements115/230V, 50/60Hz, 2A
Fuse Requirements2.0 Amp, 250 V, 5 mm x 20 mm FAST
Number of Sample Points/Run1 - 10; up to 20 with manual sample tray exchange
Maximum Run Time999 hours
Test Tubes16 x 100 mm (13 mL) standard
15 x 85 mm (10 mL)
Vials12 x 32 mm (2 mL)
15 x 45 mm (4 mL)
ValvesPEEK body with solenoid and double-barrel stainless steel needles
Volumetric CalibrationAutomatic or manual sampling, 10 mL volumes (nominal)
Program Storage15 programs with up to 10 sample timepoints each
KeypadSealed switch-type
Display4 lines with 40 characters per line, fluorescent
Dimensions17" W x 30.38" D x 16.25" H (43.18 x 51.8 x 41.28 cm)
Weight36 lbs. (16.3 kg)

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