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Agilent 8860 GC System

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The Agilent 8860 Gas Chromatograph (GC) System sets the standard for routine GC analysis with reliability and robustness. Configurable with up to two inlets, three valves, and three detectors, including a single quadrupole mass spectrometer, the 8860 GC addresses a wide range of routine gas chromatography application areas.

Built-in intelligence, intuitive touch screen interface, and cost-effective options such as DA Express and electronic pneumatic regulation (EPR) make the 8860 GC an attractive option, elevating routine gas chromatography analysis to new levels of performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness.


  • Advanced instrument intelligence functionality for GC diagnostics and maintenance helps lab managers better avoid unplanned downtime, minimizing costly operational surprises
  • Color touch screen display provides access to GC setpoint and status information, configuration, and signal plot to confirm that analyses are progressing as intended
  • Browser user interface provides convenient access from a PC or tablet to edit methods and sequences, access advanced intelligence functions, see instrument status, and run diagnostics from any place within reach of your lab network—even from home
  • Blank run evaluation identifies and notifies the user for problems such as baseline excursions, unexpected peaks, and elevated baselines
  • Detector evaluation automatically evaluates GC detector checkout samples, providing summary reports in the diagnostic section
  • Unique 6th-generation microchannel-based EPC architecture provides a significant improvement in reliability and longevity against gas contaminants such as particulates, water, and oils over previous generation Agilent GC designs, as well as other GC vendors' designs
  • Full 8860 electronic pneumatics control (EPC)—available on all inlets and detectors—ensures better repeatability of retention times and peak areas, more consistent results, and less rework
  • Electronic Pneumatics Regulation (EPR) option provides simple manual operation with high-precision digital display of pressure and flow (actual pressure and flow data can be recorded with Agilent OpenLab CDS software) and offers significant advantages over manual pneumatics systems
  • 8860 EPC and EPR ambient temperature and pressure compensation results in more stable retention times and detector baselines
  • Optional helium conservation module reduces the amount of helium used and the associated costs
  • Optional Hydrogen Sensor Module Series 2 detects hydrogen leaks early and shuts off gas flows, continuously monitors status using built-in intelligent diagnostics, and requires calibration only every six months
  • Retention time locking (RTL), available with most Agilent OpenLab CDS software, provides the ability to precisely match chromatographic retention times in any GC system to those in another Agilent GC system with the same method and column
  • Optional DA Express Data Analysis for 8860 GC simplifies data analysis, integration, reporting, and calibration making it particularly well suited for users who do not require significant data processing or compliant software functionality
  • Autoranging flame ionization detector (FID) provides a wide dynamic response range, enhances accuracy, and minimizes preparation requirements for samples that contain very high or very low compound concentrations
  • Single-filament thermal conductivity detector (TCD) provides a stable baseline without drift and does not require a separate reference gas or manual potentiometer adjustment The independent ACT label provides information about the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle


Capillary Flow Technology (CFT)No
Dimensions (WxDxH)22.85" W x 21.26" D x 19.29" H (58 x 54 x 49 cm)
Dual Simultaneous InjectionNo
GC Detector MDLsStandard
GC Diagnostics - Leak CheckStandard (manually cap septum purge)
GC/MS CompatibilitySingle quadrupole (stainless steel source)
Maximum Temperature Ramp Rate75°C/min
Operating Temperature Range+8°C above ambient to 425°
Oven Cool Down300°C to 50°C in 5.7 minutes (25°C ambient)
Peak Area Repeatability<2% RSD
Retention Time Repeatability<0.06%
Typical Pressure Control0.01 psi

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