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Agilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC)

Agilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) Image

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Agilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) ImageAgilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) ImageAgilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) ImageAgilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) ImageAgilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) ImageAgilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) ImageAgilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) ImageAgilent 8890 (G3540A) Gas Chromatograph (GC) Image

The Agilent 8890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) is a state-of-the-art gas chromatograph that provides superior performance for all applications. Key to its performance is the use of advanced electronic pneumatic control (EPC) modules and high-performance GC oven temperature control, which lead to extremely precise retention time reproducibility, the basis for all chromatographic measurement.

The 8890 7-inch capacitive touchscreen interface provides real-time access to instrument status, configuration, and flowpath information. A signal plot confirms that analyses are running as intended. Additional tabs provide quick access to key functions such as editing method parameters, diagnostics, maintenance, logs, and help screens.

The Browser Interface is the most extensive interface to the 8890 GC’s intelligence and mobile access features. Optimized for a 10-inch tablet, the Browser Interface can be used on a tablet, PC, or even a phone. Now you can view setup information, troubleshoot problems, check for leaks (autonomous hands-free), backflush columns, pause and start sample runs, and manage method development. GC performance can be monitored by automatically evaluating blanks using advanced onboard analytical techniques. A browser interface optimized for mobile viewing on either iOS or Android phones provides status information including remaining run time and a static plot of the last 20 minutes of detector data.

The 8890 has expanded configuration capabilities, where up to two inlets and four detectors can be installed and operated simultaneously. Six GC column Smart Key ports are provided.

Agilent proprietary Capillary Flow Technology provides a new dimension in chromatography with reliable, leak-free, in-oven capillary connections that stand up to repeated GC oven cycling over time. The 8890 GC has enhanced hardware to extend Capillary Flow capabilities, and enhanced data system software to simplify setup and operation of backflush techniques. Programmable eco-friendly Sleep Mode reduces power and gas consumption during periods of inactivity, while Wake Mode readies the system for high-throughput operation.


  • The browser interface provides remote connectivity enabling you to monitor your smart GC system, check system logs, and perform diagnostics tests, from inside or outside the laboratory
  • The full-function touch screen gives a visual report of the system configuration letting you update the active method, perform maintenance routines, and check instrument status
  • Built-in intelligence autonomously monitors the health of the system, alerts the user of potential issues before they affect chromatographic performance, and offers helpful step-by-step guides to resolve issues
  • Unique sixth-generation microchannel-based EPC architecture provides a significant improvement in reliability and longevity against gas contaminants such as particulates, water, and oils, extending system uptime and the life of the instrument consumables
  • Capillary Flow Technology (CFT) modules, which are oven mountable and very low thermal mass, provide unique gas flow connections for multidimension gas chromatography (GC x GC/Deans Switch), comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (2D-GC) with flow modulation, and backflush at the beginning, middle, or end of an analytical column
  • Single-filament TCD does not require a separate reference gas or manual potentiometer adjustment, yet provides a stable baseline with a minimal amount of signal drift commonly seen with valve switching
  • Autoranging FID provides the ability to detect and quantitate from percent levels to parts per billion (ppb) in a single injection
  • Compatible with all GC/MS platforms
  • Sulfur or nitrogen chemiluminescence detector provides low ppb detection, equimolar response, and quantitation for sulfur or nitrogen contaminants without quenching from matrix
  • Cost-saving advanced electronic pneumatic controllers such as Helium Conservation Module, Hydrogen Sensors, and Alternate Carrier Gas Solutions, dramatically reduce the amount of helium used offering flexibility, cost savings, and higher levels of safety
  • Optional Smart Keys, included with GC columns, provide information such as column usage with default parameters for configuration that helps automate method setup


Dimensions22.9" W x 20.2" D x 19.2" H (58 x 51 x 49 cm)
Weight108 lbs. (49 kg)
Column Oven Dimensions11.02" W x 6.3" D x 12.2" H (28 × 16 x 31 cm)
ColumnsAccommodates up to two 105 m × 0.530 mm id capillary columns, or two 10-ft glass packed columns (9 in. coil diameter, 1/4 in. od), or two 20-ft stainless steel packed columns (1/8 in. od)
Operating Temperature RangeSuitable for all columns and chromatographic separations
Ambient Temperature
With LN2 Cryogenic Cooling
With CO2 Cryogenic Cooling
–80 to 450 °C
–40 to 450 °C
+4 to 450 °C
Temperature Setpoint Resolution0.1 °C
RampsSupports 20 oven ramps with 21 plateaus. Negative ramps are allowed.
Maximum Achievable Temperature Ramp Rate120 °C/min (120 V units are limited to 75 °C/min)
Maximum Run Time999.99 minutes (16.7 hours)
Oven Cool Down (22 °C ambient)450 to 50 °C in 4.0 minutes (3.5 minutes with oven insert accessory)
Ambient Rejection<0.01 °C per 1 °C
Supports SimultaneouslyTwo inlets
Four detectors
Four detector signals
Retention Time Repeatability<0.008 % or <0.0008 minutes
Area Repeatability<0.5% RSD


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