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Agilent  G6430A Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer
Agilent  G6430A Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer

Agilent G6430A Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer

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The Agilent G6430A Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer is a highly advanced and reliable system designed for demanding applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, and forensic testing.

The Agilent G6430A Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer features exceptional sensitivity and specificity, providing accurate and reliable results even at low concentrations. Its advanced ion optics and collision cell technology enable efficient ion transmission and fragmentation, resulting in highly reproducible and precise data. With a scan speed of up to 5,200 u/s and a mass range of up to 2250 m/z, this instrument can handle complex samples with ease.

The user-friendly software interface of the Agilent G6430A Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer simplifies method development, data acquisition and analysis, and enables quick and easy creation of custom workflows. Moreover, this system offers unparalleled reliability, with minimal maintenance requirements and a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective investment for any laboratory.


Mass Range: Up to 2250 m/z
Sensitivity: 1pg reserpine 300:1.
Scan rate: 5,200 u/sec.
Polarity switching: 30 msec.
Minimum dwell time: 1 msec.
Number of MRM: 19,800.
Dynamic MRM: 4,000.
Mass Resolution (Full width at half maximum): 0.5 Da (manual tune),0.7 Da (autotune)

Includes Installation and Starter Kit with all appropriate filters, fittings, tubing, and gas regulators.

Includes 1 Year Warranty.


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