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Agilent HPLC-Chip: G4240-62002 ZORBAX 300SB-C18

Agilent HPLC-Chip: G4240-62002 ZORBAX 300SB-C18 Image

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The G4240-62002 HPLC-Chip is one of several chips than can be used for onedimensional
separations. It is comprised of a 40 nL enrichment column and a 75
μm x 150mm separation column which is packed with Zorbax 300SB-C18 5 μm
material. The HPLC-Chip is made from biocompatible polyimide and the
functionality of this chip is equivalent to conventional nanospray LC/MS. ZORBAX
300SB-C18 is a micro particulate column packing designed specifically for
reversed-phase HPLC of peptides and proteins. The StableBond packing is made
by chemically bonding a sterically protected octadecyl stationary phase to a
specially prepared, ultra-high-purity, ZORBAX, porous-silica microsphere. The
special ZORBAX silica support is designed to reduce or eliminate strong
adsorption of basic compounds. The densely covered, sterically protected
diisobutyl n-octadecyl stationary phase is chemically stable and gives longer
column life. As a result, ZORBAX 300SB-C18 is a stable, reversed-phase packing
at low pH that can be used for peptide maps, and separation of synthetic and
natural peptides and proteins. It is particularly well suited for use with aggressive
mobile phases (e.g., pH < 2, high ionic strength, ion-pair additives, TFA, etc.)
since the steric protection of the bonded phase resists degradation caused by
such mobile phases. This characteristic is particularly important for use in methods
that need long-term stability and reproducibility. ZORBAX 300SB-C18 is well
suited to applications that utilize high-sensitivity detectors that require low
backgrounds (e.g., mass spectrometers).

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