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Agilent Instant Pilot G4208A Control Module

Agilent Instant Pilot G4208A Control Module Image

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Agilent Instant Pilot G4208A Control Module ImageAgilent Instant Pilot G4208A Control Module ImageAgilent Instant Pilot G4208A Control Module Image

The Agilent Instant Pilot G4208A Control Module provides complete local control and monitoring of a single module or an entire Agilent 1100/1200/1260 and 1290 Series HPLC system. There is no data evaluation in the Instant Pilot.

The Instant Pilot allows you to do a variety of HPLC tasks including automated sample preparation and injection, isocratic, gradient and multiple method analyses and basic diagnostics and maintenance.

You have easy access to every supported function, you can easily control all parameters and settings and you can configure various communication channels with other devices, in order to comfortably analyze the generated data.


  • Complete local control and monitoring of an InfinityLab Series, 1260 Infinity II and 1290 Infinity II systems or a single module from a single point. Excluding the Agilent 1220 Infinity II Compact LC.
  • Mixed system configurations supported, e.g. InfinityLab LC Series, 1200 Series, 1200 Series SL- and 1100 Series.
  • Excellent readability and usability by large colored display with background light, high resolution and contrast.
  • Convenient, ergonomic operation either handheld or at the stack with newly developed, secure attachment.
  • Handheld or attached to a module in a stack to facilitate operator preferences.
  • Easy automation - recalibration intervals and multi-method sequences satisfy the most stringent automation routines.
  • Transfer and archiving of methods, sequences and logbooks via standard USB memory sticks.
  • Factory installed software - flat dialog structure, user configurable interface, enhanced sequence engine, for example with wait for baseline stabilization, diagnosis with passed/failed.
  • GLP - System logbook and module log-books record errors, unusual events and maintenance activities for GLP traceability.

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