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Agilent Technologies 5973 (G2578A) Network Mass Selective Detector

Agilent Technologies 5973 (G2578A) Network Mass Selective Detector Image

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Agilent Technologies 5973 (G2578A) Network Mass Selective Detector Image


The Agilent 5973 inert GC/MS provides improved inertness for reactive compounds resulting in better peak shape. The 5973 inert system is retention time locket (RTL) ready. RTL is a unique Agilent feature that allows creation of permanent and universal methods. Using this, the retention times (RTs) do not change, even with column maintenance. The same RTs will be obtained on the GC/MS as they will on GCs with conventional detectors. It allows exact matching of peaks across multiple instruments, whether in the same lab or in another country. 

RTL databases for specific compound classes allow for rapid screening of a large number of compounds without injecting hundreds of standards. 5973 series instruments are known for their reliability, ruggedness, and long-life. 

The Agilent 5973 inert GS/MS features:

  • Proven ruggedness and reliability
  • Improved, more inert EI source for better performance on active compounds
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Higher maximum source temperature
  • Greater mass stability - better than 0.10 amu over 48 hours
  • Performance electronics for 10,000 amu/s scan speed (8,000 amu/s write to disk)
  • RTL Ready
  • Compatible with microfluidics flow controller
  • Compatible with flip-top inlet sealing system
  • Short GC interlace (<20 cm)
  • Independently heated zones: transfer line, source, quad
  • Proprietary hyperbolic gold-coated quadrupole
  • East access to full ion optics
  • High energy dynode and electron multiplier (EM) detector
  • Two MS control per PC
  • Intelligent sequencing for samples