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Agilent Technologies 6850 Series GC System (G2630A)

Agilent Technologies 6850 Series GC System (G2630A) Image

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Agilent Technologies 6850 Series GC System (G2630A) ImageAgilent Technologies 6850 Series GC System (G2630A) ImageAgilent Technologies 6850 Series GC System (G2630A) Image

The Agilent 6850 Series GC System (G2630A), equipped with Single Split/Splitless Capillary Inlet, Flame Ionization Detector (FID), 6850 (G2880A) Autosampler, LAN connection, computer and software. The 6850 is half the footprint of a standard dual-channel GC and significantly reduces cycle times due to fast oven heat-up and cool down.

  • Simplified user interface with six buttons on the front panel to view instrument status, choose one of five methods, and start or stop the analysis
  • Easy column replacement: unique top-opening lid allows safe, unobstructed access to column connections at the inlet and detector
  • Consistent fast temperature ramps and short cool-down times with no need for a higher-voltage power source due to small oven with less thermal mass.
  • Choice of detectors: flame ionization (FID); thermal conductivity (TCD); flame photometric (FPD), micro-electron capture (micro-ECD); (U.S. only), or 5977A mass selective (MSD)
  • Choice of Split/splitless (SSL), for fast-high-resolution for capillary columns; 150-psi Split/splitless, packed, cool on-column, or PTV inlets
  • Same EPC as full size GC allows all pressures and flows to be programmed into the method
  • Versatile autosampler accommodates 27 2-mL vials or 22 4-mL vials, with optional turret accessory
  • Cryogenic cooling to -20 °C with up to 50 % reduction in carbon dioxide consumption compared to a full-sized GC
  • Network-ready with a built-in local area network (LAN) communication interface

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