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Arbin Instruments BT-2000 Battery Tester

Arbin Instruments BT-2000 Battery Tester Image

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Arbin Instruments BT-2000 Battery Tester ImageArbin Instruments BT-2000 Battery Tester Image

The Arbin Instruments BT-2000 Battery Tester allows the user to preform single pulse (up to 10 stages) or a repeat of 10 stages per cycle due to charge and discharge GSM/CDMA.

It provides both of the main channels and auxiliary to be fully customizable to the users preference. 

Some of the common applications designed for Battery research include:

Life Cycle Testing - BT-2000 can perform charge/discharge cycling of multiple cells or batteries simultaneously to obtain charge and discharge capacity, energy, DC internal resistance, and other valuable information.

Device Simulation - BT-2000 allows the user to input collected dynamic device-performance information (current, voltage, power vs. time) and the system will charge/discharge according to the data. This prevents the user from having to program complex test profiles. 

Telecommunications Battery Testing - With optional pulse hardware, BT-2000 allows the user to charge and discharge using GSM/CDMA or another userdefined custom pulse profile. With this option, the user can perform a single pulse with up to ten stages or a repeated pulse with 10 stages per cycle. 

Hardware Features:

  • Completely Independent Channels allow users to run multiple independent tests simultaneously without affecting what is happening on the other channels
  • Industry Leading Accuracy up to 0.02% for low power and 0.05% for high power applications 
  • Current Rise Times as fast as 10us allowing for extremely reliable testing and response rates
  • Potentiostatic/Galvanostatic Functionality enables each channel to run advanced electrochemical experiments with both voltage and current control
  • Four-Point Kelvin Probe Connection for all main channels 
  • Plug and Play Channel and Auxiliary Modules for easy expansion and maintenance. This allows users the flexibility to have your test station grow as your testing requirements grow.
  • Channel Paralleling allows users to parallel several of the main channels together to increase the current handling capability of the system 
  • Multiple Current Ranges for improved accuracy over a wide range of testing conditions 
  • Dual Voltage Ranges available upon request 


  • 110V, 15A, 50/60 Hz
  • Max Power: 1.5KVA
  • Model: BT-2000
  • Single Phase
  • Fan model: OA235AP-11-1
    • 120VAC, 30/35 WATT, 50/60 Hz
    • Thermally Protected


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