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Aurora SFC Systems SFC Fusion A5

Aurora SFC Systems SFC Fusion A5 Image

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Aurora SFC Systems SFC Fusion A5 ImageAurora SFC Systems SFC Fusion A5 Image

The Aurora SFC Systems’ SFC Fusion A5 employs a radical design that converts existing HPLC instruments into complete SFC systems.

Connected to a standard Agilent Binary Pump, the SFC Fusion A5 transforms it into a composite SFC/LC analytical system that delivers unprecedented speed, sensitivity and resolution.

The entire installation process typically takes less than one hour and is entirely reversible.

By adapting existing HPLC systems, researchers gain access to the benefits of state-of-the-art normal-phase SFC analysis for the cost of only the SFC Fusion A5 module itself.

SFC Fusion A5 employs intelligent controls that preserve essential functions of the HPLC and link them into the composite SFC/HPLC system. This unique approach combines the established quality and versatility of modern HPLC with the enhanced speed, resolution and effectiveness of high performance SFC.

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