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BD Biosciences Pathway 435 Bioimaging System

BD Biosciences Pathway 435 Bioimaging System Image

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BD Biosciences Pathway 435 Bioimaging System ImageBD Biosciences Pathway 435 Bioimaging System ImageBD Biosciences Pathway 435 Bioimaging System Image

The BD Biosciences Pathway 435 Bioimaging system is a compact benchtop platform ideal for endpoint biological assays. Light from a mercury metal halide lamp introduced through a liquid light guide provides illumination from 360 nm to 700 nm. A transmitted light canopy provides the ability to capture bright-field images that can be overlaid onto fluorescent images. The lamp requires no light alignment and is rated to last 2000 hours.


  • High-performance, laser-based autofocus is standard. You can elect to use the laser autofocus, camera autofocus, or a combination of both.
  • Robot-compatible, retractable plate tray permits imaging even in well-lit laboratories.
  • Transmitted light canopy provides illumination for brightfield imaging.
  • User accessible filters allow easy filter wheel exchange for a broader range of imaging options and customization.
  • The Pathway 435 adds BDs proprietary spinning disk confocal capability and associated 3D imaging software.
  • High quantum efficiency cooled 12 bit CCD camera produces high resolution images for analysis.
  • Flexible illumination using 8 excitation, 8 emission, and 5 dichroic filters that are all independently controlled.
  • Compact unit with integrated electronics and vibration dampening system sits on top of a laboratory bench.
  • Accurate x, y, z positioning provides an optimal environment for precision imaging.

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