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Beckman Coulter Biomek Model 2000 Wash Unit

Beckman Coulter Biomek Model 2000 Wash Unit Image

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Beckman Coulter Biomek Model 2000 Wash Unit ImageBeckman Coulter Biomek Model 2000 Wash Unit Image

The Biomek 2000 Wash Unit is for use with the Biomek 2000 Laboratory Automation Workstation.  Single and multichannel wash tools, when used with the Biomek Wash system, provide an efficient and automated method of dispensing bulk quantities of reagents and replenishing reservoirs.

The Biomek 2000 Laboratory Automation Workstation is designed to meet the needs of rapidly changing life science technology with simple, intelligent automation of liquid-handling tasks. Pipetting, diluting and dispensing operations are performed quickly, easily and automatically. The modular platform allows expansion of system capability to include plate heating and cooling, plate washing, high-density transfers, photometric measurement and high-capacity operation. The entire system is controlled by powerful and user-friendly BioWorks software, with an intuitive graphical interface.

The Biomek provides the following features which simplify and automate routine and repetitive laboratory operations:

  • Automatically monitors and tracks pipette tip usage, both between and within runs
  • Provides liquid level sensing (when an appropriate tool is used) to detect when the pipette tip is just touching the liquid during an aspiration
  • Allows you to develop labware definitions for custom labware
  • Allows you to edit the characteristics of the tool definitions to optimize for different types of liquids 

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