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Beckman Coulter F2402H Fixed Angle Rotor

Beckman Coulter F2402H Fixed Angle Rotor Image

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Beckman Coulter F2402H Fixed Angle Rotor ImageBeckman Coulter F2402H Fixed Angle Rotor Image

The Beckman Coulter F2402H is a fixed-angle rotor with a tube angle of 45 degrees for efficiently pelleting subcellular organelles, viruses, bacteria, mitochondria, chloroplasts, or algae.

With a gradient and sample volume of up to 48 mL per run, the F2402H can centrifuge up to twenty-four 1.5 to 2.0-mL reaction-vials, as well as 250 to 750L vials. Additionally, the F2402H is designed for the containment of microbiological aerosols under normal operating conditions when used and maintained as instructed.

For use in the Beckman Coulter:

  • Allegra 64R
  • Avanti 30
  • Allegra X-22 Series
  • Allegra 21 Series
  • GS-15 Series
  • Spinchron 15 Series
  • Allegra X-30 Series Centrifuges


  • Number of tube cavities: 24
  • Nominal tube dimensions: 11 x 45 mm
  • Nominal tube capacity: 2 mL
  • Nominal rotor capacity: 48 mL

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