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Beckman Coulter S4180 Swinging Bucket Rotor

Beckman Coulter S4180 Swinging Bucket Rotor Image

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Beckman Coulter S4180 Swinging Bucket Rotor ImageBeckman Coulter S4180 Swinging Bucket Rotor Image

The Beckman Coulter S4180 Rotor is a four-place swinging bucket rotor used in Beckman Coulter Allegra 21 series, GS-15 series, and Spinchron 15 series centrifuges.

This rotor carries adapters that allow centrifugation of a wide range of tube and bottle sizes (from 1.5-mL reaction vials to 180-mL bottles). The S4180 rotor develops centrifugal forces that are suitable for rapidly sedimenting protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris.

The rotor yoke and buckets are made of aluminum and are black-anodized for corrosion protection. The buckets can be run by placing them over pivot pins on the arms of the yoke. Buckets swing out to a horizontal position during centrifugation. A tie-down screw is used to secure the rotor to the drive shaft during centrifugation

The S4180 can utilize two types of buckets: open-top buckets which will hold several sizes of labware in modular or one-piece adapters with a maximum tube length of 112mm; and threaded-top buckets, with screw-on transparent covers. These also hold several sizes of labware in modular or one-piece adapters. Maximum tube length for use in these buckets is 110 mm.

A variety of tube sizes can be centrifuged in the rotor in a number of various tube adapters, many of which can also serve as tube racks in the laboratory. A Beckman Coulter 180-mL, 55 × 104-mm, polyethylene bottle with screw cap can also be used in either bucket type without an adapter. ALT has hundreds of adapters and buckets in stock, let your sales rep know about your configuration needs. 


  • Maximum speed: 5,500 rpm
  • Maximum speed in non-refrigerated centrifuges: 4500 rpm

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