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Bio-Rad  Gene Pulser II RF Module
Bio-Rad  Gene Pulser II RF Module
Bio-Rad  Gene Pulser II RF Module
Bio-Rad  Gene Pulser II RF Module
Bio-Rad  Gene Pulser II RF Module
Bio-Rad  Gene Pulser II RF Module

Bio-Rad Gene Pulser II RF Module

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The Bio-Rad Gene Pulser II RF Module allows the user to electroporate samples using either square or sinusoidal waves. Electroporation is a process whereby the membrane of a cell is temporarily destabilized in specific regions by exposure to high intensity electric field pulses. During this destabilization period, the cell membrane is highly permeable to exogenous molecules present in the surrounding media. Electroporation can thus be regarded as a massive micro-injection technique that is used to inject anywhere from one cell to millions of cells with specific biological molecules (typically DNA or proteins). These transformed molecules are then used as tools to unravel key issues concerning the control and expression of cell growth and development.


  • Achieve more transformation with less DNA (reduce DNA concentrations at least 100 fold)
  • Multiple pulse capability (up to 25 pulses)
  • Programmable pulse settings (store up to 30 programs)
  • Capable of square wave delivery
  • Modular design for maximum flexibility, quality, and value
  • LED Display
  • RF dial allows the user to set parameters for the following: Total Volts: 5–400 V; % Mod (Percent modulation): 0–100%; RF Freq (RF frequency): 5–50 kHz; Burst Dur (Burst duration): 0.1–100 msec; No. Brst (Number of bursts): 1–25; Burst Interv (Burst interval): 0.1–10 sec


Input voltage: 100/120 V RMS, 50/60 Hz, 220/240 V RMS, 50/60 Hz
Max input current: 15 amp RMS
Maximum output voltage and current 400 V at 6 amp peak (normal load);
limited to 6 A during arc.
Output waveform: Combination of sine wave w/DC level and square
wave user adjusted
Ambient operating environment: Temperature 0–35 °C
Humidity: 0–95% without condensation
Regulatory: Passes requirements of EN 61010. In addition, the
system passes requirements for FCC, Class A.
Dimensions: 9.44″W x 12″D x 3.6″H (24 x 31 x 9.7 cm)
Weight: 8.15 lbs (3.7 kg)

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