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Bio-Rad Model 1327 Econo Chart Recorder

Bio-Rad Model 1327 Econo Chart Recorder Image

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Bio-Rad Model 1327 Econo Chart Recorder ImageBio-Rad Model 1327 Econo Chart Recorder Image

The Bio-Rad Model 1327 Econo Chart Recorder is a high quality, flat bed recorder for the laboratory environment, specifically for use as a part of chromatography systems. It monitors two
signals simultaneously. 


- It has 14 range settings (1 mV to 20 V), 12 paper speed settings (1 cm/hr to 60 cm/min) and can be used with most UV/Vis monitors, conductivity monitors, RI monitors, and pH meters as well as other instruments. 
- When used as a part of chromatography systems, the pen lift and paper feed functions are controlled automatically. 
- The recorder has a battery compartment which can provide uninterrupted operation (up to 30 hours) in the event of a power failure.


- Number of channels: 2
- Recording width: 100 mm
- Recording medium: Chart paper, 0Ö100 linear, 50 divisions
- Pen types: Disposable felt pens, recording length: approximately 1,000 m
- Dead zone: 0.3% of FSV
- Linearity: 0.25%
- Chart feed: Driven by quartz-controlled and microcomputer controlled stepper motor
- Speed: 12 feed rates selectable by switch: 1-2-6-12-30-60 cm/h, 2-3-6-12-30-60 cm/min
- Measuring ranges: 1-2-5-10-20-50-100-200-500 mV DC,(calibrated) 1-2-5-10-20 V DC (maximum 42 V)
- Zero suppression: 2 x 100% manual, accuracy 0.2% of the set value (calibrated)
- Accuracy: 0.5% of FSV
- Zero: Continuous setting from -100% to +105%; check by means of zero switch
- Input: Floating, asymmetrical, maximum admissible potential difference between input and earth
- Input resistance: 1 M
- Source resistance: Nominal value 100 ? maximum admissible: 1 k? Ranges V: nominal value 100 maximum admissible:1 k
- Ambient conditions: Reference temp. range: +20C to +25C; Operating temp. range: 0C to +50C; Storage and shipment temp.: -40C to +70C
- Safety regulations: VE/VDE 0411/IEC 348/UL 1244
- Power input: Approximately 1 W for pen deflection of up to 0.5 Hz; maximum 3 W
- Fuse: Fuse DIN 41662 or 41662/5 diameter x 20 mm, or UL 198 G/6.3 diameter x 32 mm mains circuit SE 110, T 1.00 (1.00 AT) for slow acting
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 320 x 231 x 90 mm
- Weight: Approximately 3 kg (including NiCd batteries)

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