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Bio-Rad Power Pac 1000

Bio-Rad Power Pac 1000 Image

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Bio-Rad Power Pac 1000 ImageBio-Rad Power Pac 1000 ImageBio-Rad Power Pac 1000 ImageBio-Rad Power Pac 1000 Image
The Bio-Rad Power Pac 1000 is an electrophresis power supply that provides constant voltage, power, and current, ideally for isoelectrofocusing (IEF) applications, blotting, and general electrophoresis, as well as SDS-PAGE, two-dimensional electrophoresis, native gel electrophoresis, and horizontal DNA/RNA electrophoresis. The voltage output of the Bio-Rad Power Pac 1000 is adjustable from 5 to 1000 volts dc in increments of 1 volt. The current output is adjustable from 1 to 500 milliAmps in increments of 1 mA. The power output of the Bio-Rad Power Pac 1000 is adjustable from 1 to 250 watts in increments of 1 W. Fully programmable, the PowerPac 1000 can store up to nine separate methods with up to nine steps each.


Max. Voltage: 1000V
Max. Current: 500mA
Max. Wattage: 250 W

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