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BioTek ELx405 HT Microplate Washer

BioTek ELx405 HT Microplate Washer Image

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BioTek ELx405 HT Microplate Washer ImageBioTek ELx405 HT Microplate Washer ImageBioTek ELx405 HT Microplate Washer ImageBioTek ELx405 HT Microplate Washer ImageBioTek ELx405 HT Microplate Washer Image

***The information below pertains to all models of BioTek's ELx405 plate washers.
Models in stock may not have all features listed. Check with your sales rep for more info.***


The BioTek ELx405 Microplate Washer has set the standard in microplate washing based on its superior performance and reliability. This fourth generation product offers several models and options for processing 384- and 96-well microplates to meet all throughput requirements. The unique patent-pending Ultrasonic Advantage option eliminates the number one cause of assay failure - clogged manifold tubes. Valuable time is saved with this automated maintenance capability. All ELx405 Models are available in configurations supporting biomagnetic separation. BioTeks newest ELx405 enhancement offers full plate washing of magnetic microspheres used in a growing number of multiplex assays and bead-based ELISAs.

Programming the ELx405 is easy through its simple keypad interface. For those who prefer the advantages of running instruments via computer control, the ELx405 can be controlled with BioTek's optional Liquid Handling Control Software. The optional BioStack is available for walk-away automation of up to 50 standard height microplates.


  • Magnetic bead assays and standard ELISAs
  • Patented Dual-Action™ manifold
  • The ELx405 HT is the fastest 384-well plate washer available, designed to enhance high throughput operations
  • Extensive onboard software includes independent control of plate position during dispense and aspiration cycles as well as fully programmable fl uid volumes and fl ow rates, shaking, and soaking to lower the CVs of your assay
  • Super low rates in the ELx405 Select CW provide gentle dispense for non-disruptive cell washing
  • Built-in ultrasonic cleaner
  • Easy maintenance with a selection of preprogrammed routines that ensure problem-free operation
  • Fluid detection, fluid flow and vacuum sensors provide complete protection during unattended operations


ELx405 HT Options Included By Cat. No.:
ELX405HT384-well only
ELX405HTM384-well only, magnetic bead
ELX405HTS384-well only, Ultrasonic Advantage
ELX405HTV384-well only, wash buffer switch
ELX405HTVS384-well only, wash buffer switch, Ultrasonic Advantage
ELX405HT2S96/384-well, Ultrasonic Advantage
ELX405HTV296/384-well, wash buffer switch
ELX405HTVS296/384-well, wash buffer switch, Ultrasonic Advantage
ELX405HTV2SM96/384-well, wash buffer switch, Ultrasonic Advantage, magnetic bead


AssaysMagnetic bead (multiplex assays & bead-based ELISAs)
Microplate Types384- and 96-well (model dependent)
Standard height and low profile
Magnetic Field384-well separation: 4,300 gauss
96-well separation:6,800 gauss
Manifold Type384-well washing: Dual-Action™ 192-tube (16x12)
384-/96-well washing: Dual-Action™ 96-tube (8x12)
96-well washing: 96-tube (8x12)
Washing Speed384-well (192-tube manifold): <20 sec: 1 asp./disp. cycle, 400 µL/well
96-well (96-tube manifold): <30 sec: 3 asp./disp. cycles, 300 μL/well
Wash Cycles1-10
Volume Range25 to 3000 μL/well (ELx405 HT)
Fluid DeliveryInternal positive displacement pump
Buffer SelectionOptional switching of up to 4 wash buffers
Dispense Precision<3% CV
Residual Volume<2 µL/well
Onboard Software2x24 character LCD display
Create, edit or run up to 75 protocols
Multiple pre-programmed maintenance protocols
PC Software (PC & PC SOFTWARE NOT INCLUDED)Optional LHC PC Software
Optional Interface Software for robotic system integration
Soak Time1 to 600 seconds
ShakingUser-programmable speeds and timing
Dimensions14"W x 17" D x 10" H (35.6 x 43.2 x 25.4 cm)
Weight30 lbs (13.5 kg)
Power100-240V~ ±10%, 50/60Hz

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