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C.Reichert Wien IFT 10HP Refractometer

C.Reichert Wien IFT 10HP Refractometer Image

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C.Reichert Wien IFT 10HP Refractometer ImageC.Reichert Wien IFT 10HP Refractometer Image

The Reichert IFT 10HP Refractometer provides an efficient, simple method for checking the ration or concentration of water soluble industrial fluids. To aid in quality control, they give reliable, highly accurate results for testing cutting and grinding coolants; synthetic machining fluids; plating and acid baths; hydraulic fluids; die lubricants and chromating solutions. The Reichert IFT10 has a 0-10 Brix scale divided into 0.25 increments for low concentration synthetic cutting and grinding fluids and lubricants. Testing is simple. Place a few drops of fluid on the prism and hold the refractometer up to a light source. Look through the eyepiece and read the scale. The IFT10HP can help identify and control the optimum fluid/water ratios that many fluid manufacturers have established for their coolant or lubricants.

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