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CRS Robotics A465 Robot Arm

CRS Robotics A465 Robot Arm Image

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CRS Robotics A465 Robot Arm ImageCRS Robotics A465 Robot Arm Image
The CRS Robotics A465 Robot Arm provides a full range of motion within a predefined coordinate system. The arm’s articulated joints permit movement through six degrees of freedom in both Cartesian and precision frames of reference. The A365 arm motion is controlled directly from a terminal or pendant. This robotic system has been designed and tested to meet EMC requirements pertaining to industrial, medical (ISM) work environments, and scientific industries. 

- Motion:
Compounded joint interpolated motions: 4.35 m/s
Linear and path motions: 1.02 m/s
- Dimensions:
Base mounting surface to shoulder: 13in. (30 mm)
Shoulder to elbow: 12 in. (305 mm)
Elbow to wrist pivot (joint 5): 13 in. (330 mm)
Wrist pivot to tool flange surface: 3 in. (76 mm)
- Air temperature between 50-°F and 104-°F (10 - 40 °C)
- Arm Weight: 67lbs. (32kg)

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