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DigiVac Model 100 Portable Vacuum Gauge

DigiVac Model 100 Portable Vacuum Gauge  Image

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DigiVac Model 100 Portable Vacuum Gauge  ImageDigiVac Model 100 Portable Vacuum Gauge  ImageDigiVac Model 100 Portable Vacuum Gauge  Image
The DigiVac Model 100H Portable Vacuum Gauge operates by measuring the temperature rise of an electrically heated thermocouple exposed to a vacuum. As vacuum increases or, as absolute pressure decreases, fewer and fewer molecules of gas are available to cool the thermocouple. With fewer molecules, the air temperature rises and the thermocouple gauge thus senses the vacuum. A precision reference inside the Model 100H in conjunction with an integrated circuit amplifier controls the electrical excitation of the sensor filament. The voltage response of the thermocouple is piped through a CPU and is translated to the current vacuum reading.


- Ideal portable vacuum gauge for anybody needing to measure vacuum pressure 
- Rugged and operates on easily replaced D-Batteries
- Portable for cryogenic servicing of vacuum jacketed pipe
- Pretested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard


- Weight: 2 lbs
- Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 11 x 10 x 4 in.
- Isolated: No
- Vacuum Reference: Absolute
- Display: Yes
- Units: microns
- Total Range: 1 – 2000 microns
- Range with Accuracy: 1 – 2000 microns
- Sensor Type: Thermocouple
- Portable: Yes
- Panel Mount: No
- CE: Yes

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