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DrySyn MULTI Base Kit With 50ml, 100ml And 250ml Inserts

DrySyn MULTI Base Kit With 50ml, 100ml And 250ml Inserts Image

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The DrySyn MULTI Base Kit with 50ml, 100ml and 250ml inserts enables a single hotplate stirrer to become a safe, flexible reaction station with the ability to perform multiple reactions in several different sized inserts, from 1 ml to 20 ml vials up to three 500 ml round bottomed flasks. on a very small footprint, saving valuable lab space.

Safer than oil baths and with equivalent heating performance, the MULTI Base Kit fits any hotplate stirrer and the base has removable feet for firm attachment. Components are available separately or as kits, with extra inserts.

The use of inserts mean that the base can be changed from a single reaction platform in a round bottomed flask to one able to perform parallel synthesis with up to 12 reactions (depending on insert type), ideal for small parallel libraries of compounds, reaction screening/optimization and polymorphism/crystallization studies.

This MULTI Base Kit comes with one each 50ml, 100ml and 250ml inserts.


  • Heat up to 250°C
  • Temperature probe hole
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • First class reaction visibility

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