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Dupont 943 Thermomechanical Analyzer

Dupont 943 Thermomechanical Analyzer Image

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Dupont 943 Thermomechanical Analyzer ImageDupont 943 Thermomechanical Analyzer Image

The Dupont 943 Thermomechanical Analyzer P/N 915001.901 is a plug-in module that can be used with any of the Du Pont Thermal Analyzer contra I consoles to make up a system for collecting and reporting data from thermal experiments. The system measures changes in sample properties resulting from changes in three experimental variables: temperature, atmosphere, and time.

In the Dupont 943 Thermomechanical Analyzer P/N 915001.901, a sample, which can be formed as a plug, film, powder, or fiber, is compressed or held in tension by a probe assembly. Movement of the probe is translated electrically by a linear variable differential transformer (LYDT) attached to the probe, into a signal that appears on the Y axis of the plotter.

The Dupont 943 Thermomechanical Analyzer P/N 915001.901 uses interchangeable probes that allow the user to make a number of important measurements, including softening point, tensile modulus, compression modulus, glass transition, and expansion coefficient. 


Temperature Ranges: -180°C to 800°C (Standard heater)
Sample Height: 25 mm (1 in.) maximum
Sample Diameter: 9.5 mm (.375 in.) maximum
Sensitivity: 0.5 to 500 Mm/cm of chart
Displacement Range: ±1.3 mm (± 0.05 in.)
Linearity: ± 0.5%
Loading: 0 to 100 grams
Baseline: Less than 1.3 Mm total displacement, from -100°C to 600°C
Contact Diameter: Penetration Probe, 0.035" inches (0.089 cm); Expansion Probe, 0.100 (0.254 cm); Macro Expansion Probe, 0.239" inches (0.607 cm)
Load Exerted by 1 g Load (kPa): Penetration Probe, 16; Expansion Probe 1.9; Macro Expansion Probe, 0.34 

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