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ELGA PureLab Ultra Bioscience Water Purification Unit

ELGA  PureLab Ultra Bioscience Water Purification Unit Image

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The ELGA  PureLab Ultra Bioscience Water Purification Unit is designed specifically for bioscience applications, ensuring that the purity and consistency of water, meet the stringent requirements of today's scientific research, analytical testing, and biotechnology laboratories.

The ELGA PureLab Ultra Bioscience Water Purification Unit employs a multi-stage purification process, combining various technologies to remove impurities and contaminants from the feed water. Starting with pre-filtration to eliminate particulates and sediments, it then utilizes advanced reverse osmosis (RO) technology to remove up to 99.99% of ions, dissolved solids, and organic compounds, ensuring ultra-pure water for your critical applications.

To further enhance the water quality, the system incorporates electrodeionization (EDI) technology, which efficiently removes residual ions, including silica, to achieve the highest level of purity. This combination of advanced purification technologies ensures that the water produced by the PureLab Ultra Bioscience meets or exceeds the stringent standards set for laboratory use.

The ELGA PureLab Ultra Bioscience Water Purification Unit also features intelligent monitoring and control systems to guarantee consistent water quality. Equipped with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls, it allows for easy operation and real-time monitoring of essential parameters such as water resistivity, flow rates, and system status. The system's advanced sensors and alarms provide instant notifications, ensuring proactive maintenance and preventing any potential disruptions in the water supply.


Max Inlet Pressure: 0.7 Bar/10 PSI
Max Working Pressure: 5.5 Bar/80 PSI
Power: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 18.11" W x 14.96" D x 18.50" H in. (46 x 38 x 47 cm)
Weight: 44.09 lb (20 kg)

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