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Eppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge

Eppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge Image

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Eppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge ImageEppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge ImageEppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge ImageEppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge ImageEppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge ImageEppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge Image

The Eppendorf 5810 Multipurpose Centrifuge is designed for a variety of rotors to achieve an assortment of applications including cell harvesting, separating cell lysates, and microvolume capability for DNA precipitations. Featuring a powerful, maintenance-free motor, the 5810 can spin up to 48 x 15mL conical tubes or up to 30 microtubes per run.

The 5810, with its renowned quality and reliability, offers you the most cost-effective solution for medium to high-throughput applications requiring speeds of up to 20,913 x g (14,000 rpm). This benchtop centrifuge has been designed to fit into every lab and make routine work more comfortable thanks to its quiet operation, soft-touch lid closure and low access height for easy loading and unloading.

Experience true versatility with a broad selection of rotors and adapters (sold separately) that facilitate mixed loading of tubes, bottles and plates. A new generation of rotors increases the capacity of Centrifuge 5810/5810 R to a maximum of 4 x 750 mL (or 28 x 50 mL / 56 x 15 mL). The swing-bucket rotor and adapters accommodate tubes and bottles from 0.2 mL to 750 mL, and the fixed-angle rotor 0.2 mL to 85 mL tubes. The plate rotor is ready for you to carry out centrifugation of all types of multiwell plates, such as PCR, cell culture, or deep-well plates.


Max. RCF20,913 x g
Max. RCF with Fixed-Angle Rotor20,913 x g
Max. RCF with Swing-Bucket Rotor4,500 x g
Max. RCF with Plate Rotor3,486 x g
Speed200 - 14,000 rpm
Max. CapacityConical tubes: 56 x 15 mL/ 28 x 50 mL
Blood collection tubes: 100 x 13 mm/ 80 x 16 mm
Plates: 16 x MTP/ 4 x DWP
Number of Other Rotors Available18 (sold separately)
Acceleration/Braking Ramps10/10
Number of Programs35 user-defined programs
DisplayLarge, brightly lit LCD
Timer1 min to 99 min, with continuous run function, short-spin
Noise level<70 dB(A)
Volume Range3 L
Power120V, 50/60Hz, 900 W
Dimensions21.1" W x 23.9" D x 13.6" H (53.5 x 60.8 x 34.5 cm)
Height (Lid Open)31.5" (80 cm)
Weight (Without Accessories)150 lbs. (68 kg)

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