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Glas-Col 0396 Heating Mantle

Glas-Col 0396 Heating Mantle Image

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Glas-Col 0396 Heating Mantle ImageGlas-Col 0396 Heating Mantle Image


The Glas-Col 0396 Heating Mantle, is preferred to Bunsen burners or hot plates for organic liquids. Providing even heating (no hot spots) and maximum surface coverage for better temperature uniformity. The fabric interior softly nests glass vessels to reduce the chance of thermal shock and damage to glassware, with a fabric temperature limit of 450°C (842°F). Comes with power cord.

- Flask Capacity: 100 mL
- Inside Depth: 1.43"
- Outside Diameter: 3.86"
- Outside Height: 2.18"
- Max. Temp: 400°C (842°F)
- Electrical: 110V, 80W, 100A