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Global Specialties 2001 Function Generator

Global Specialties 2001 Function Generator Image

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Global Specialties 2001 Function Generator ImageGlobal Specialties 2001 Function Generator Image

The Global Specialties 2001 Function Generator is an instrument for any test requirement. It has an ease of use and compact (0.2Hz to 200KHz) design. It tests the  frequency response of low frequency amplifiers, attenuators and filters, besides being a source of the most commonly used waveforms.

  Waveform: Sine, Triangle, Square.
  Frequency Range: 0.2Hz to 200KHz in 6 decade ranges.
  Frequency Indication Accuracy: +/-5% of the setting at 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz & 10KHz spot.
  Function Out: 1mV to 10V p-p (with 4 selectable ranges; into open circuit).
  TTL Out: Standard TTL level squarewave.
  Rise/Fall Time: <25ns.
  DC Offset: +/-5V DC into open circuit; AC (signal) + DC (offset) = +/-10V p-p open circuit; +/-5V p-p into 600 ohms.
  Level Fine: 20dB variable (approx.)
  Level Ranges: 1mV - 10mV p-p, 10mV - 100mV p-p, 100mV - 1V p-p & 1V p-p - 10V p-p.
  Sine wave Distortion: <2% upto 100KHz (<1% typical) <3% above 100KHz.
  Squarewave : Time symmetry : +/-1.5% (typical <1%)
  Rise/Fall Time: <100ns (into 600 ohms +20pf).
  Triangle Linearity: Better than 1%.
  Sweep Input: 0 to +10V DC.
  Sweep Range: 100:1 approx. (For external input at SWEEP IN).
  Input Impedance: 30K ohms approx.
  Power: 115 / 230V AC +/-10%,47- 63Hz.
  Consumption: 5VA.
  Dimensions (W x H x D): 245 x 76 x 185 mm (approx.); 9½ x 3 x 7¼”
  Weight: 2 Kg. / 4.5 lbs (approx.).

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