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IKA Werke ETS-D3 Electronic Temperature Controller

IKA Werke ETS-D3 Electronic Temperature Controller Image

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The IKA Werke ETS-D3 Electronic Temperature Controller with probe is the electronic alternative to mercury-in-glass contact thermometers. This thermometer can be used to control maximum desired temperature and simultaneously provide a temperature read-out. The digital display can be used to help set the temperature and to display the actual temperature of the stirred liquid. The interchangeable Pt-1000 measuring sensor has a stainless steel sheath and has a rapid response; this sensor is also available with a glass coating for use in aggressive media. The unit can be used with any instrument which has a contact thermometer input according to DIN 12878. Current IKA models provide power for the ETS-D3 via the connecting cable; older models and those from other manufacturers will require use of the power pack S69-435.

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