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Inheco Incubator Shaker DWP P/N 7300009

Inheco Incubator Shaker DWP P/N 7300009 Image

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Inheco Incubator Shaker DWP P/N 7300009 ImageInheco Incubator Shaker DWP P/N 7300009 ImageInheco Incubator Shaker DWP P/N 7300009 ImageInheco Incubator Shaker DWP P/N 7300009 ImageInheco Incubator Shaker DWP P/N 7300009 Image

The Inheco Incubator Shaker DWP is an automated and stackable heated incubator with precise temperature and shaker control, a USB interface, plate loading sensors and several self test routines guarantee a safe and fast processing of samples. The design of the units with shaking function is based on an unique vibration reduced shaking principle, which enables free programmable shaking curves (linear, circle, elliptic, eight). Software and verification tools are available to form a complete thermal solution for all kinds of incubation applications.

The Incubator Shaker DWP is a plug-and-play high performance incubation device with CE and UL certification, prepared for use in customer IVD applications. The DWP heats from all sides within the chamber and thus is ideal if condensation needs to be avoided during incubation. This heating principle also confers heating rates up to 4 times faster than in conventional incubators.


  • Stackable to form towers, no additional fixation needed, different devices stackable
  • Devices are individually & independently controlled (master-slave principle)
  • 90° turning of the door after drawer opening ensures easy access by pipetting heads & robotic grippers
  • Self-test routines and plate loading sensor guarantee safe and fast processing
  • Direct contact heating with temperature boost ensures best heating rates
  • Temperature range: ambient +5K to 80°C
  • Plate with lid also fits
  • Precise temperature and shaker control for micro plates and deep well plates
  • Shaking from 400 to 1,800 RPM, amplitudes from 0 to 3 mm
  • Free programmable shaking pattern (linear, circle, elliptic, eight)

Incubators integrate with major liquid handling systems, primarily:

  • Beckman Coulter: Biomek FX, NX, i-Series
  • PerkinElmer: JANUS, Sciclone, Zephyr, Multiprobe II
  • Hamilton: Star Line, Vantage
  • Tecan: Freedom EVO, Fluent


Drawer Accuracy±0.3 mm
Ambient temperature15°C to 32°C
Accuracy at 37°C target temp±0.3K
Uniformity at 37°C target temp±1.0K
Heat up time 20°C to 37°CVaries depending on plate, volume and type of liquid
Input24VDC, 60W
Dimensions5.87" W x 10.55" D x 5.47" H (14.9 x 26.8 x 13.9 cm)
Shaker Load40-250g
Temperature RangeAmbient +5K to 80°C
Amplitude0-3 mm

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