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KLA P-6 Tencor Surface Profiler

KLA  P-6 Tencor Surface Profiler Image

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KLA  P-6 Tencor Surface Profiler ImageKLA  P-6 Tencor Surface Profiler Image


The P-6 Tencor Surface Profiler offers a combination of advanced features for process development and manufacturing control of scientific research, photovoltaic solar manufacturing, data storage, MEMS, opto-electronics, and other industrial metrology applications.  The P-6 stylus profiler and surface analysis system utilizes numerous platform and measurement technologies from KLA-Tencor's most advanced semiconductor profiler systems for surface topography analysis.  It has a programmable scan stage, low noise, and high quality, high resolution long scans.  It is a smaller, more economical design for substrates up to 150mm.

Key Features:

  • 150mm scan length without stitching and 1 mm Z range
  • Capacitive sensor-LVDC with a sub-Angstrom resolution
  • Step height repeatability of 6Å
  • Stylus force: 0.5-50mg (constant stylus force during scan)
  • 4.0X, 0.12NA Top view objective lens
  • Stylus 2.0µm 60 degree radius
  • Vibration isolation table
  • Vacuum sample hold-down
  • Thin and thick film step height
  • Photo resist/soft films
  • 3D imaging
  • 2D stress analysis with locator
  • Defect review and defect analysis
  • Flatness or curvature
  • Etched trench depth
  • Materials characterization for surface roughness and waviness


  • 150mm scan length without stitching
  • Low noise, high resolution
  • 3D imaging