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Mettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU

Mettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU Image

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Mettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU ImageMettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU ImageMettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU ImageMettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU Image

The Mettler Toledo XSE 205DU is an analytical balance with dual range capacity of 81g/220g and a dual readability of 0.01mg/0.1mg.

The Mettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU analytical balance is perfect for laboratories with limited space. Its robust construction ensures stability and durability, allowing for accurate measurements even in demanding conditions. The balance is equipped with a large, easy-to-read color touchscreen display, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

With advanced connectivity options, the Mettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU offers seamless integration into your laboratory workflow. The balance is equipped with USB and RS232 ports, allowing for easy data transfer to external devices such as computers, printers, or LIMS systems. You can quickly and efficiently record and analyze your measurement data, improving productivity and traceability.

The Mettler Toledo Balance XSE205DU analytical balance incorporates Mettler Toledo's SmartGrid weighing pan technology. This unique design minimizes air turbulence and static electricity, ensuring stable and reliable measurements. It also simplifies the cleaning process, as the weighing pan is easily removable and dishwasher safe, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between samples.


  • Dual range capacity of 81g/220g
  • Dual readability of 0.01mg/0.1mg
  • Status light - for immediate feedback on the error state of the balance
  • SmartGrid weighing pan - to minimize air turbulence and static electricity
  • Large, easy-to-read touchscreen display
  • Built-in leveling guide and adjustable feet, for accurate leveling
  • Automatic internal calibration function, to ensure measurement accuracy
  • Complies with GLP/GMP, ISO, and FDA regulations
  • Password-protected user profiles and electronic records for secure and traceable operations
  • Equipped with USB and RS232 ports


Capacity: 81g/220g
Readability: 0.01mg/0.1mg
Pan Size: 8.6 x 7.3 cm / 3.07" W x 2.87" D
Repeatability (5% load) (sd): 0.01 mg
Linearity deviation: 0.13 mg
Eccentricity (test load): 0.16 mg (100 g)
Sensitivity offset (test weight): 0.6 mg (200 g)
USP minimum sample weight (5% load, k=2, U=0.1%): 20 mg
Minimum sample weight (%5 load, k=2, U=1%): 2 mg
Settling time: 1.5 seconds
Settling time, fine range: 3 seconds
Calibration: ProFact (automatic/internal)
Dimensions: 10.35" W x 18.98" D x 12.68" H inches (26.3 x 4.82 x 32.2 cm) 

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