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Mettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance

Mettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance Image

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Mettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance ImageMettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance ImageMettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance Image
The Mettler Toledo MX5 Microbalance features: Glass draft shield with motorized opening for precise weighing even in unstable environments; Fully automatic adjustment (calibration and linearization) using internal weight; Integrated applications for normal weighings, piece counting, percent weighing, differential weighing, and density determination.
If required, further applications can be downloaded from the Internet onto your computer and from there onto your balance; Integral RS232C interface; Touch-sensitive graphics terminal (“TouchScreen”) for easy, convenient operation; Two programmable sensors for hands-off operation (“SmartSens”) to speed up frequently recurring tasks.

- Maximum load: 5.1 g
- Readability: 0.001 mg
- Repeatability (sd) at full load: 0.0009 mg
- Repeatability (sd) (at gross load): 0.0008 mg (0.2 g)
- Linearity: 0.004 mg
- Sensitivity offset: 7.0x10^-6
- Sensitivity temperatur drift: 0.0001%/°C
- Sensitivity stability: 0.0001%/a
- Weighing time typical: 16 s
- Usable height of draft shield: 2 in (55 mm)
- Balance Dimensions (W x H x D): 5 x 4.5 x 11 in (128 x 113 x 287 mm)
- Control Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 9 x 4 x 14.5 in (224 x 94 x 366 mm)
- Weighing pan dimensions (WxD): ø 1 in (ø 27 mm)

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