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Mettler Toledo XP26 DeltaRange Microbalance

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The Mettler Toledo XP26 DeltaRange Microbalance is an ultra-high-precision weighing instrument designed for use in analytical chemistry, research, and quality control laboratories. It is a part of the XP Analytical Balance line that features SmartGrid weighing pan, which reduces static charge and air turbulence to improve accuracy.

The XP26 DeltaRange Microbalance has a maximum weighing capacity of 21 grams and a readability of 0.01 micrograms in the fine range and 0.1 micrograms in the coarse range. It is equipped with an electrostatic force compensation weighing cell that provides accurate and stable measurements, even in challenging temperature and humidity conditions.

The XP26 DeltaRange Microbalance features an intuitive touch-screen display with easy-to-navigate menus, allowing for efficient operation and user-friendly data input and output. The balance also has a range of built-in functions for routine weighing tasks, including percent weighing, dynamic weighing, and counting.

The balance is equipped with a range of features that ensure efficient and accurate weighing, including automatic internal calibration, real-time temperature compensation, and built-in overload protection. The balance also has a draft shield to protect the samples from air currents, which can affect the accuracy of the measurement.

The XP26 DeltaRangeis an ultra-high-precision weighing instrument that is ideal for use in a range of laboratory applications where high accuracy is critical. Its high-precision electrostatic force compensation weighing cell, SmartGrid weighing pan, intuitive touch-screen display, and advanced features ensure accurate and reliable weighing results for complex and critical laboratory tasks.


Capacity0 - 21 g
Readability0.01 μg (fine range), 0.1 μg (coarse range)
Repeatability (SD)0.02 μg (fine range), 0.05 μg (coarse range)
Linearity±0.05 μg (fine range), ±0.5 μg (coarse range)
Response Time<5 seconds
Stabilization Time<10 seconds
Operating Temperature Range5 to 40°C
Pan Size16 mm diameter
Display7" TFT color touch screen
ConnectivityRS232, USB, Ethernet
Dimensions13.62" W x 13.62" D x 15.35" H (34.6 x 36.4 x 39 cm)
Weight33 lbs. (15 kg)

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