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Microm HM 500 OM Microtome

Microm HM 500 OM Microtome Image

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Microm HM 500 OM Microtome ImageMicrom HM 500 OM Microtome ImageMicrom HM 500 OM Microtome ImageMicrom HM 500 OM Microtome Image

The Microm HM 500 OM Microtome is a highly efficient microtome-cryostat for a cutting temperature range down to -40°C. Designed as an upright standing unit with an open-top working area, the instrument allows convenient and ergonomic handling in standing and sitting position. The cryostat has a cooling system to control the temperature of the working area of the microtome and knife carrier as well as to cool the freezing stations for freezing-on specimens on the specimen stages.

A second cooling system represents the specimen fast cooling and temperature control unit. With this unit, the specimen can be frozen-on very quickly. The desired cutting temperature is also very rapidly achieved after switching over to regulated cooling; independently of the present temperature in the microtome chamber. Another function quickly allows detaching the specimen.

The rustproof microtome has a section thickness range from 0,5 µm to 90 µm. For the protection of knife and specimen, the instrument retracts the specimen at the end of the cut. The motorized coarse feed system allows specimen forward and backward travel. This way specimen and knife edge distance can be adjusted quickly. A fast and exact approach of the specimen towards the knife edge is guaranteed by the automatic approach system. An additional trimming function with values from 5 μm to 300 μm permits the fine adjustment up to the first cuts and results in larger section thicknesses when trimming. Three knife carriers are available. The standard knife carrier is designed so the knives can be easily clamped in place and adjusted; the magnetic disposable blade carrier offers plenty of clearance while sectioning, the disposable blade carrier EC takes up high and low profile blades. The corresponding anti-roll guides facilitate taking off sections. The section counter on the operating panel shows the number of sections made. In addition, the model HM 500 OM has a motorized cutting drive with three modes of operation and an emergency-stop device, which can be controlled by means of the operating controls or the foot pedal.



Cooling of Microtome Chamber (at +20°C ambient temp.)Temperature Range: 20°C down to -40°C
Resolution: 1°C
Automatic Defrosting: 1 each 24 h
Specimen Fast and Temperature ControlTemperature Range: 5°C down to -55°C
Resolution: 1°C
Section Counter3-Digit (with reset)
Cutting Drive ModesInterval, single and continuous stroke
Cutting Speed0.5 - 250 mm/s
Storage Temperature Range-20°C up to +50°C
Operating Temperature Range+5°C bis +40°C (at a max. relative humidity of 60%)
AltitudeUp to 2000m (for indoor use only)
Power115V, 60Hz, 15.3A
Dimensions33.07" W x 30.71" D x 44.09" H (84 x 78 x 112 cm)
Weight449.74 lbs. (204 kg)
TypeHM 500 OMV, Cat. No. 952620
Microtome Specifications:
Section Thickness Range0.5 - 90 µm
Resolution0.5 µm for 0.5 - 2 µm
1 µm for 2 - 10 µm
2 µm for 10 - 20 µm
5 µm for 20 - 50 µm
10 µm for 50 - 90 µm
Trimming Thickness Range5 - 300 µm
Resolution5 µm for 5 - 10 µm
10 µm for 10 - 100 µm
100 µm for 100 - 300 µm
Specimen Retraction During Return Travel40 µm
Horizontal Feed Range28 mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke64 mm
Coarse Feed800 μm/s
Specimen Fine Orientationx/y/z - axes
z- and y-axes each ±8°, z-axis 360°

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