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Newport Xenon Arc Lamp, 1000 W, Ozone Free

Newport Xenon Arc Lamp, 1000 W, Ozone Free Image

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Newport Xenon Arc Lamp, 1000 W, Ozone Free ImageNewport Xenon Arc Lamp, 1000 W, Ozone Free Image

The Ozone Free Newport Xenon Arc Lamp, Model 6271, is filled with purified xenon at 5-20 bar. The pressure triples during operation. This 1000 watt Xenon lamp with a 1.0 x 3.0 mm effective arc size operates with the anode at the top.

The small intense arcs radiate like 5500-6000 K full radiators with some xenon lines superimposed. The xenon lines dominate between 750 and 1000 nm, but the spectrum is almost featureless through the ultraviolet and visible.

Xenon lamps are popular for demanding absorbance and fluorescence applications involving source spectral scanning, and as high intensity broadband sources. Because of its sun-like spectrum, the xenon lamp is used for solar simulation.

Consider this ozone free lamp if you don’t need the very short wave ultraviolet below 260 nm as ultraviolet radiation below 242 nm produces toxic ozone.


  • Model: 6271
  • Lamp Type: Xe, Ozone Free
  • Lamp Wattage: 1000 W
  • Average life: 1000 h  
  • Bulb Diameter: 38 mm  
  • Effective Arc Size: 1.0 x 3.0 mm
  • Horizontal Intensity: 3000 cd  
  • Approximate Brightness: 400 cd mm-2
  • Approximate Flux: 30000  
  • Lamp Current: 43.5 A
  • Lamp Voltage: 23 V


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